As students start their high school journey it’s important to think about exploring a few different topics beyond their core subjects. When students choose an elective, they have an opportunity to sample different classes, which can broaden their horizons in general and also help them narrow down what career field they might want to enter as an adult. Some students will explore creative subjects like art and music, others will focus on physical fitness and sports, for example. Alternately, students might choose to learn a second language or hone their public speaking or debate skills.

Broaden your interests

For students who are unsure what elective class to sign up for, they may want to just try something new. Trying new things is how students learn what their passions are and what they might want to study in college as well as how they can incorporate that into a career. For students who feel like they already know what they want to study at the college level, trying something new could allow them to meet new people, make some new friends, and learn about something outside their core interests.

Speak to your college counselor

Some students will use their elective classes to enhance their college resume. There are certain classes that are not required to graduate high school but ones that certain colleges and universities may require for entry, or that may at least increase the student’s chances of acceptance. It’s challenging to sort through all of the different acceptance requirements, thus students are encouraged to have a meeting with their college counselor to determine which elective choice best fits their individual needs.

Work-life balance

For students, attending school and learning is essentially their job, and too many time-consuming commitments can distract students from an overall positive high school experience and their ultimate academic goals. Students who are struggling to maintain a healthy school-life balance might want to consider an elective that doesn’t take up excessive amounts of their time, especially if they are also focusing on test prep and college applications. 

Consider your future career field

If students are still uncertain which elective courses they want to sign up for, they might consider what they want to do as their job in future years. For instance, students who want to study fine arts in college can sign up for an art and design class. Alternatively, a student who is considering international business should think about learning a second language that could take their future career to new heights. 

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