Stay Focused in Class With These 4 Tips From a Fullerton Tutor

Once the thrill of being back in the classroom has faded, students face the challenge of staying focused. Paying attention in class is crucial for retention of information. Further, it’s a mistake to assume whatever the teacher is talking about in class can be found somewhere in the textbook. Teachers expect students to listen during their lectures and will include that information on tests and in homework – remember to book your private Fullerton tutor early in the year.

No matter how important the lecture is, every student has at least one class in which they struggle to pay attention. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of enthusiasm for the subject matter or an unusually lethargic teacher. Other times, life gets in the way and vies for your attention. Say you’re on the football team and you’re playing your rivals on Friday night. How can you possibly think about math with something as big as that on the horizon? It is possible, and students would be foolish to not put every effort they can into listening to their teachers.

As a private Fullerton tutor, I’ve learned some great tips to help students stay focused in the classroom.

1. Ask questions

What’s every student’s worst nightmare? Being called on in class to answer a question or give an opinion when you are busy daydreaming. Stay engaged and don’t get caught on the spot by asking questions. If you don’t understand something, ask your teacher to explain differently. Curious about something that is not covered? Ask away! By asking questions, the class will feel more like a discussion and less like a lecture.

2. Be careful where you sit

It’s always a treat to walk into the first day of a new class and see a friendly face sitting in one of the desks. Having a friend in the same class can be beneficial when you need a study buddy or someone to vent to, but don’t let your friend become a distraction. If you can’t focus while sitting next to your friend, be honest with them and move closer to the front. If your grades are on the line, they will understand.

3. If your laptop is too distracting, put it away

Some classes allow you to use your laptops to take notes. While a laptop can offer organized and legible notes, it can also lead to distraction. If you find yourself chatting with friends via messenger or checking your emails, it’s best just to put the laptop away and take notes the old-fashioned way (READ: Fullerton Writing Tutor: 4 Sits That Will Help You Become a Better Writer).

4. Eat well and sleep well

This tip is a little easier said than done. Students have busy schedules, which leads to less than desirable amounts of sleep. Take advantage of when your schedule isn’t so hectic and catch up on your sleeping. Prepare things like your lunch, outfit, etc. the night before so you can sleep in a little. Also, don’t forget to eat. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where food is always available, don’t skip out on a meal. Few things can be more distracting in the classroom than an empty stomach.

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