4 things college students should focus on this summer


Most college students have taken final exams and moved out of the dorm to start their summer activities. It can be tempting to forget about education all together until the first day of fall semester but, there are lots of things college students can be doing to increase their chances of success this summer. Whether a student is just finishing up their freshman year or if they’ll be heading back to finish up their final year of college this fall, some universal things will help move a student’s education and future career forward – don’t wait to book your private Fullerton tutor for the summer.

1. Consider an internship

Working as an intern is one of the best ways for students to explore different careers. It’s also an opportunity for students to earn college credit and ensure they graduate on time. Most internships don’t include a salary, and so many students shy away from them in favor of a part-time job. However, there are ways that students can be an intern and continue to work at this point in the year. Many internships last as little as three weeks and may not demand that the student work an eight hour day. Students who want to explore career options or make networking connections will still have the opportunity to earn money and learn about the everyday details of a particular career field before they agree to take the job.

2. Earn money for college

Another important thing for students to do is focus on working over the summer. It’s a lot easier to focus on classes during the year when students don’t have to work all the time. The summer months provide an excellent opportunity for students to work a 40 hour week and save up money so they can take time off during midterms and finals week to focus on their studies. Whether a student is working at a job near campus or in their hometown, they should consider whether or not they can work in their field. Many jobs will hire students as assistants or for positions that don’t require a four-year degree. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get some preliminary work experience (READ: 4 Habits Students Need to Develop Before They Start College).

3. Take a summer school class

Summer school classes have a much more relaxed environment and usually have lower enrollment, allowing students to get more one-on-one time with a professor or teaching assistant. It’s also an excellent opportunity for students to explore courses outside their major and gain elective credit so they can focus on core subjects within their major during the year. Taking a summer school class also helps students graduate on time. Most universities require students to pay an extra fee to take a summer school class so students are encouraged to look into what that will cost before signing up.

4. Make plans for this fall

It’s also important for students to make sure they have everything they need to be lined up for the fall semester. Students should arrange for housing, whether it’s on or off campus and should also start applying for part-time jobs on campus so they can start earning once they return. Students who plan in this regard are more likely to be in a living situation they’re happy with and be able to work as many hours as they want. Students may also need to look for a new roommate or explore potential career networking opportunities or community involvement such as joining a club or organization related to their major (READ: Fullerton Writing Tutoring: Four Sites That Will Make Your a Better Writer).

Summer is the perfect time for college students to catch up and get ahead. Book your private Fullerton tutor for the summer.

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