Powerful Preparation for Speeches and Presentations

Public speaking is tough for most people. When you have to do it for a grade, the pressure can feel really intense. Instead of worrying whether you’ll forget a part or mess up a word, use your energy to prepare. Any accomplished speaker will tell you the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the better you’ll perform. Following the suggestions below will lead you away from nervousness and tension and closer to confidence and grades worth bragging about.


1. Give It Your All!

When you’re practicing, are you reenacting how you’ll be giving the presentation? Assuming you won’t be giving the speech from a chair or your couch, try to re-create the way in which you’ll speak. If a podium or lectern will be available, practice standing behind something similar at home, like a tall table. If you’ll be using props such as PowerPoint or physical items, include them in your rehearsal. Standing and delivering the speech with all your tools will help identify any nervous habits, including looking at the screen for prompting, fidgeting with props, or leaning on podiums.

2. Obtain Feedback

Continuing with the idea of re-creating the presentation, invite an audience to join you. Ask them for honest feedback. Make sure your information is easy to understand, you’re keeping their attention, and you’re able to be heard. Want to be certain of your public speaking skills? Have someone record you; video recordings can be quite eye-opening. Give yourself the opportunity to view the good and the bad: gestures, speed, enunciation, volume, and eye contact.

3. Be Open to Change

Practice is also a good opportunity to make changes. Practice phrases that are confusing or difficult to say aloud. If you just can’t master them, try something else. If a line doesn’t sound right or you want to change a point, do it! That’s what practicing is for. Timing is also essential. Ensure you are within the given limits, and if not start cutting material or add where you can.

4 . Don’t Forget the Details

Once the big day arrives, don’t worry about memorization; all the work you’ve done should be enough. Stay calm and rest assured you did your best to prepare. One day-of tip is to be careful of your wardrobe. Change in your pocket could be distracting when you move or if your hands are drawn to play with it. Girls should keep hair away from the face to avoid distractions. Ultimately, presentation clothing should allow you to move and breathe comfortably.


Presentation skills are not typically mastered overnight, but with enough preparation you should be ready to wow your teachers and peers.

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