Low on Motivation?

Many of us are lucky enough to have fantastic support systems behind us. They cheer us on when we ace tests, and listen when we need to vent about a difficult project. There will be a day, however, where we’ll be the ones who have to motivate ourselves. No one will be around to get you moving, and if you don’t there will be consequences. Take a minute to check out some great tips on how to motivate yourself, whether it’s finishing that last homework question or studying all weekend for finals.


1. Bring Out Your Inner Competitor

A competitive attitude can do wonders mid-semester. Sometimes we get bogged down in the small assignments or continuous reading requirements. Use your competitive nature to bring the spark back. Take a look at your grade in the class and determine how you could improve it. Is there a student who’s been getting perfect grades on exams? Try to be that student next time around. It can’t hurt trying, and who doesn’t want better grades?


2. Not competitive? Take pride in what you do instead.

If competition isn’t your thing, at least be proud of the work you do. You must choose to care about homework and studying; no one can do that for you. Doing your best even when you don’t want to is a life lesson many people never learn. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by accepting it early on.

3. Treat yourself, within reason.

There’s something about a reward that makes even the most mundane tasks doable. As homework inevitably takes a toll on your motivation, consider adding small rewards to your daily or weekly study sessions. For example, if you know you have a large exam at the end of the week, break studying into parts. After each part is completed, reward yourself for your hard work. Don’t go crazy; all night Netflix binges won’t help you in the long run. Instead, treat yourself with a smoothie or a play session with your pet. Try to stay away from black hole activities like web browsing or video games. Get back to work and reach for that next goal!

4. Have a reality check.

As private tutors we hear it constantly, “I’ll never use this in the real world.” Let’s put this idea to rest; you will. Homework is given for a reason, even if it’s a reason you don’t agree with. There will be times in the future you’ll have to complete tasks that are mundane, repetitive, or seemingly useless. You may be paid to do it, or have to as part of being an adult. Learn to accept the sometimes uninteresting parts of work and move on. As students, we can choose to remain frustrated or choose to look beyond it and realize this temporary irritation will soon be a distant memory.

There you have it, Los Angeles. Now let’s get motivated!

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