“Since we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our minds, it is our duty to furnish it well.” – Peter Ustinov

That may be a little dramatic, but Mr. Ustinov is onto something. Actually, let’s think of our minds as an empty loft overlooking a bustling metropolis. As we look down on the cars and hurried people, we realize the world is overwhelming. In order to find our own place in it, we need to find out who we are. The loft may be empty, gray, and even a little dusty, but as we grow intellectually, it will soon become a collage of our interests.

tutor-logoThe first step in cerebral-interior decorating is to be curios. Do you like writing poetry? How do you know if you’ve never tried? Let’s put the poetry chair in the corner for a while and see if we like it. No? Okay, we can give the chair to a friend. Soon enough you’ll be well-furnished and content with your loft.

You may be asking yourself, where do I get this furniture? To put it frankly, everywhere! Think culture, math, science, nature, and even the internet.  Yes, you read that correctly, the internet can be both a great place and a lousy place to furnish your mind; the decision is up to you. But don’t fret, TutorNerds is here to help.

Every Wednesday we’ll suggest an educational website we think is great, so you can move furniture around, or even add that Armoire you’ve always wanted. That being said, our first Educational Website Wednesday pick is:

Open Culture – The best free cultural & educational media on the web

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.25.30 AM

From audio books to online courses, Open Culture is an excellent site to get your daily dose of culture. Not only do they post their own findings – for example, Kurt Vonnegut reading Slaughterhouse-Five – but they have a sidebar with endless links to free-movies, language-lessons, etc.

In addition to all you’ll learn from the website itself, it’s a great reference for further cultural exploration. To explain, many of Open Culture’s posts reveal what inspires the people whom inspire us. Excited to see the new Wes Anderson film? Here’s a list of movies that influenced the iconic director’s style.

Don’t Be Selfish

Having a well-furnished loft is nice, but it’s no fun without anyone to share it with. Assist your friends and family on their own cultural explorations by sharing the interesting things you find. Luckily, it’s easier than ever with social media. Click on the any of the badges on the bottom-left of the screen, or at the bottom of each post, and get the word out! Stay creative, Los Angeles.

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