Tips from a Private Costa Mesa Tutor: 5 Tips to Improve Your Grades Now

Students are about halfway through the academic year and have a good idea of what their grades are going to look like by the end of June. Some students will be right on track while others may be looking at their current transcripts and wondering how they can raise their grades. In general, most students can raise their grades through personalized study tips as well as by making their study time more efficient. Time management also plays a big role in academic success, but sometimes students need some specialized help on one topic or another. Although each student has an individual learning style, there are a few things that are universal when it comes to raising that GPA – don’t fall behind in your classes! Book your private Costa Mesa tutor today.

1.  Time management

Time management is the one thing that students don’t quite have a grasp on even at this point in the year. Once students figure out how to manage a certain workload, it seems like they get something else thrown at them. Either they need to add an extracurricular activity to their schedule or tests and exams get harder. Time management strategies are constantly shifting throughout the school year, but these skills can make or break it when it comes to maintaining a high GPA. The first thing students can do is time how long it takes them to complete a particular type of assignment. What a student thinks takes 20 minutes might take 45 and they might determine that, when they work late at night, things take even longer.

2.  Fewer distractions

Students often enjoy studying at a coffee shop or with a group of friends but, if grades are slipping, students might need to work on studying independently without any noise or distraction. Sometimes a study group can veer away from academics and become more of a social club that can take away from a student’s success. Students who are struggling with grades should try studying solo and see if they get their work done faster or if they get a higher grade on a particular assignment or exam. Studying in a quiet environment is often the key to overall academic success.

3.  Personalized learning

By this point in the year, students should be determining what their specific learning needs are. For example, are they great at numbers but struggle with reading comprehension or is the opposite true? Some students need to listen to music while they study while others need complete silence. Some students need to work with a tutor to overcome difficult concepts while others problem solve when working in a group. When students begin to personalize their learning strategy, they’ll discover that they get more done in less time and are less frustrated with assignments. This ultimately leads to higher grades.

4.  Extra time for challenging subjects

Many students leave the same amount of time for an easy assignment as they do for a complicated one. It’s important for students to leave enough time to complete those extra difficult assignments as well as plan to do an outline or some additional research to help them understand the concepts before writing a paper or studying for an exam. The more complex a subject is, the more time students need to earn an A or B on an assignment.

5.  Help from an expert

Sometimes students get frustrated with assignments and end up with lower grades because the work is just a little too much to tackle on their own. If this is the case, it’s time to call in an expert. Students can either work with their classroom teacher during their free period or have a tutor come to their home to work with them one-on-one. Before asking for help students should determine what it is they specifically need help with. For instance, maybe it’s a particular topic that’s giving them trouble such as math or science or perhaps they need help with personal organization and study skills.

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