3 Things to Think About when Focusing on College Decisions


Students will soon find out which colleges they were accepted to and have a huge decision to make. They need to think about campus life, quality of teaching staff, a living situation, financial issues, and career choice. It’s overwhelming for students to make a decision that will affect the next four years of their life, so it’s important they take a step back and look at the big picture. Spring is a stressful time during the school year as it is but seniors have even more to worry about. However, choosing a college should also be fun and exciting, and students are encouraged to remember all of the achievements they made to get where they are right now – our experienced college admissions consultants are here to help with all of our college decisions.

1. Campus Life

Seniors should think about what their life will be like on campus before making a final decision. Does the college guarantee a dorm for freshman? Where will they live sophomore through senior year? Is affordable housing available near campus? Students should also think about social and networking opportunities on campus. Will they be able to network with other students within the same major? Does the college offer on-campus organizations that advocate for specific groups, such as women in business or minorities going into law or engineering? If a student has a special need will they be able to work with an advocate on campus? Even simple issues, such as a meal plan or fun places to hang out in between classes is an important part of every student’s college decision.

2. Quality of teaching staff

Professors and instructors will play a huge role in every college student’s education. Does the college make it a point to hire as many full-time instructors as they can afford? In this case, teaching staff will be focused more on their students and maintain a reasonable schedule. Are professors more focused on research? Are most classes taught by a TA? If so, what is the ratio between TA and student? Does the University hire mostly adjunct instructors who will be leaving campus straight after class to teach at another university in another city? Quality of teaching staff includes experience and education but also the number of time instructors have available to spend with students (Irvine AP Tutor Tips: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams).

3. Career counseling

Most applicants think about the four years they will be attending a particular university but, starting a career seems too far into the future. One of the main points of going to college is to have adequate job placement opportunities upon graduation and make a good salary in a field that the student is excited about. As a result, career counseling is an essential part of a good university. What sort of career counseling does the university offer, if any? Does the college offer intern placement assistance or job placement assistance upon graduation? How many graduates receive a full-time job offer in their field within a year or so of graduation? Students are encouraged to think ahead when it comes to college and career.

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