5 things to focus on when looking at the University of California


Many students will apply to one or more of the schools that make up the University of California. When applying to college, there are a lot of things students should consider before making their final decisions about which schools to apply to. They may be interested in conducting research and going on to graduate school, they may want to work with certain professors, or they may be looking for a well-rounded education before deciding on a major. There are several things applicants should consider while researching potential campuses – our Los Angeles college admissions consultants are here to help you apply to college.

1. Size and location

It’s important for applicants to think about the size and location of the different universities within the UC system. Is the size of the campus manageable? Is the location close enough to or far enough away from home? Are there job opportunities in the area? Students will be spending a good portion of their day for the next four years on campus, so it’s important they feel comfortable navigating their surroundings as well as living and working in the local area.

2. Fields of study

Most UC campuses offer a broad range of major fields of study. However, some universities are known for specializing in one thing or another, so students should consider what they are thinking about majoring in before narrowing down potential choices. Students should also consider how easy it is to change their major if they start to have different ideas once they arrive on campus. Some students know what they want to study before stepping foot on campus and will need to take several different classes in their first two years before settling on a decision.

3. Career options

Applicants should also consider potential career choices once they complete their education. Of course, students can move to a different city to look for jobs, but it’s often easier to gain an entry-level position in their local area. Students may have made connections through internships, classmates, or a part-time job they had over the summer. A graduate’s individual needs will be based mainly on their chosen career field thus students might find more or less success in different cities throughout California (READ: Tips From a Los Angeles College Admissions Consultant: How to Prep for College Applications).

4. Research opportunities

The University of California as a whole is known for its research opportunities. Whether a student wants to focus on undergraduate research and apply for jobs immediately after graduation or wants to apply to a graduate program, the University of California can be a great option. Students are encouraged to look into the individual research opportunities that each campus offers. If students want to work with a specific group of professors, they should take extra special care to make sure that research opportunities are available with that specific person or department.

5. Extracurricular options

It’s also important for applicants to look into what extracurricular activities are available to them. Some campuses are really big on clubs and organizations while others are known more as commuter schools where students simply attend class and participate in a few social activities. A student’s interests will greatly determine which campus will be the best fit for them.

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