Tutoring Sessions: Maximize Your Success

As tutors, we do our best to maximize our client’s session. We come with our guides, supplies, and minds prepared. Many times we have only an hour or so with each student, and that hour goes by fast. If our students aren’t ready or prepared, much of that precious time is wasted. Make the most of the time you have with your tutor by following the suggestions discussed below. You’ll get more out of your session, both financially and academically.


1. Get help early

If you start falling behind, find some support. In classes like math that build upon previous skills, waiting too long to ask for help can be detrimental to your grade. A tutor is the perfect person to review with weekly to ensure you’re staying up to speed

2. Be ready to learn

Every session is different, but the following list includes most of what you’ll need during a session: textbook, syllabus, specific assignment and instructions, relevant notes, quizzes and tests already graded. It may seem like a lot, but remember tutors have to understand what you’re working on and where you’re stuck before we can help you.

Stack of colorful books (cut-out, white background)3. Ask questions

We’re there to answer any questions you have, even the ones you think are silly or obvious. We feel good when you understand the material, so get rid of your stress and ask away; we’ll work with you as long as it takes.

4. Know what’s expected of you

Even though we don’t mind answering your questions, many simple ones can be answered by reading the syllabus, checking assignment instructions or speaking with a teacher. Make sure you look over all required readings and instructions before a tutor arrives. If you’re still stuck, a tutor can help, but a teacher is sometimes the best resource for specific questions.

As you can see, tutors don’t ask a whole lot. Following those four simple tips can make your next session easier and more enjoyable for all involved. However, knowing what you shouldn’t ask of a tutor is important too. Some call tutors superheroes, but there are a few things even the best tutors won’t tackle.

5. Your excuses are futile

We were all students before, so we’ve used the excuses or heard them at one time or another. Be honest with a tutor if you haven’t studied or been doing your homework. The sooner we know your situation, the sooner we can start working in the right direction.

6. Tutors won’t do the work for you

Again, we were students before. We know we can answer the question; we’re here to help get you to that point. You’ll have to learn it eventually, so let the tutor help you.

7. A tutor can’t implant knowledge

A tutor can only help you study so much before a test. If you haven’t been studying at all, don’t expect a tutor to fill your brain with all the answers the night before. They’ll do their best, but cramming at the last minute isn’t effective for most students.


Now that you have the tips, Los Angeles, implement them! Contact us today and we’ll match you with an amazing tutor.

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