5 reasons why reading comprehension frustrates your child


Reading comprehension is one of the most important subjects a young student will take, but it’s also one of the most difficult. Learning to read starts with basic ABCs and ends with a full understanding of what is happening to a character in a particular story or how to pull out important information from a text. Students who master reading comprehension will often find that their educational experience is much more fulfilling and less stressful but, they have to struggle through different elements of this learning process from time to time – our Irvine reading tutors are here to help your child with their reading comprehension.

1.  An ongoing subject

Many young learners become frustrated with reading comprehension because it’s something that takes a long time to master. They don’t get the satisfaction of completing a difficult task straight away because it takes years to become a great reader. One way to remedy this is to break up the different learning elements into steps. If students can be congratulated on mastering different elements of reading comprehension, they feel good about themselves and have the energy to continue learning (READ: 5 Ways to Make a Biography Report Fun).

2. New vocabulary

Almost no student will enjoy looking up vocabulary words in a dictionary or online. However, this is something many students will have to do to expand their knowledge base. Some students may be able to pick up the general meaning of a word in context but, eventually, there will be a word that just makes no sense at all. This is one of the more frustrating elements of reading comprehension but learning about new words is one of the best ways students can become successful readers. One way to help students deal with new terminology is to have them learn just a few new words at a time. Looking up five or six words isn’t so bad but tackling a list of 20 or 30 words can be overwhelming.

3. It’s taking away from their free time

Nothing will make students enjoy reading less than watching other kids play outside while they’re working on comprehension. Although students who are struggling will likely need extra help, it’s important to make this time efficient and still allow time for a kid to exercise and play with friends. If a student has a reasonable homework schedule, they’re more likely to appreciate the importance of what they’re doing without digging their heels in and refusing to work.

4. Dry subject matter

Young students will come across a lot of dry subject matter when it comes to learning to read. Although the information found within this subject matter can be extremely important to their overall education, it can frustrate students who are struggling with reading. When students are still learning to read, or just honing those complex comprehension skills, it’s essential they have access to characters and topics that are interesting to them. If they love baseball, they should read all about famous baseball players. If they think bugs are fascinating, then they should read about caterpillars and beetles. When students have a thirst for knowledge, they’re more likely to work through basic reading issues so they can discover that wealth of information.

5. Reading makes them nervous

Many students avoid working on reading comprehension because they’re nervous about mispronouncing a word or being made fun of by a peer. This prevents so many students from speaking up in class and asking a question. One way parents can deal with this is by building up their child’s self-esteem through positive reinforcement or working with an educational consultant to help them learn how to sound out words, write a summary, or increase their overall comprehension. Once a student is confident in their reading comprehension skills, they are more likely to persevere and become successful.

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