Irvine Private Tutor Tips: 5 Reasons High School Students Struggle Spring Semester


Spring semester is upon us, and there are lots of important things in store including college applications, advanced placement exams, college entrance exams, and finals. Many students are already pretty tired at this point in the year and start to struggle just when they need a ton of extra concentration. There is a delicate balance between success and failure, and so it’s important for students to look out for the five common reasons they would begin to have difficulty completing assignments and studying for exams at this point in the year – have a successful spring semester with the help of private Irvine tutoring from TutorNerds.

1.  Fatigue

Fatigue is probably the number one reason why high school students start to struggle during the spring term. They are exhausted from all the work they’ve done since last August and are pretty much ready to be done with school for the year. However, students at this age have a ton of responsibility in front of them and, if they are in the college prep years, some of these things will make a big difference in their future education. One of the best ways to combat fatigue is simply to get an adequate amount of sleep. It’s tempting to stay up late to study and then try and catch up on sleep during the weekend but, students at this age need a full night’s sleep every night.

2.  Lack of balance

Another thing that can make it difficult to be successful spring semester is a lack of balance. Some students work too hard and don’t get enough rest while other students have too much fun and don’t complete enough work. It’s hard to find that ideal balance between work and life, but it’s an important thing to strive towards for a person of any age, especially a high school student. When a routine is to balance students, tend to be able to complete things in less time and be able to study more efficiently.

3.  Exams

There are a ton of exams during the spring semester and the amount of time required to study can cause a lot of stress for a high school student. Many kids take two AP classes and are taking their college entrance exams all in the same month. Although these exams can’t be avoided altogether, students can spread out their exams, so they’re not overwhelmed. For instance, they could take the SAT one month and AP exams the next (Waiting For College Acceptance Letters: 5 Things to Research).

4.  Senioritis

Senioritis is another major cause of difficulties for students at this age. Senioritis doesn’t just apply to graduating seniors, but rather we start to see symptoms in students as young as freshman year. Students get tired and want to do things that are more fun and require less responsibility. This is a pretty normal reaction to school at this point in the year, but it’s important that students hang in there and complete assignments promptly through the end of the term.

5.  Concentration issues

Many students start to have trouble concentrating at this point in the year for any number of reasons. It might be due to fatigue or because they’re overwhelmed, or it might be because they’re starting to get bored of repetitive material. One way students can combat this lack of concentration is to reevaluate their study space and make sure they have as few distractions as possible so they can focus in on what they need to get done. If students are studying with friends, they might need to start studying solo for a while, or they may need the help of an at-home tutor to help them get re-organized so they can be successful for the rest of the term.

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