After school activities: 5 physical activities for kids adverse to sports

It’s important for kids to get exercise on a regular basis even during the cold winter months. Traditionally, students would participate in an after school sport sponsored by the school or local community. Although these are great opportunities for many students, some kids are just not that into organized sports and end up on the sidelines without a chance to socialize or exercise. Fortunately, there are tons of physical activities out there for kids who don’t like sports.

1.  Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are great for younger kids because it gives them a chance to learn valuable coordination and water safety skills while also allowing them to get out all of their extra energy. Of course, kids can’t just jump into the pool without knowing basic safety skills that they learn from a private instructor but, once they have those skills, they have a great alternative to playing on an organized team. Swimmers can work on their stroke at their pace, and either swims at an outdoor or indoor pool depending on the time of year. Swimming is also a relaxing form of exercise that can help kids and teens manage their stress.

2. Yoga for kids

Many fitness centers and studios now have yoga classes made just for kids and families. This is also a great alternative to playing on sports teams because it is a great way to relax and de-stress as kids start to progress through middle and high school and has all of those difficult exams to focus on. Yoga can be adjusted to all fitness and skill levels and is something that can be done indoors during these cold winter months (READ: Time Management: The Key to Success in Middle School).

3. Indoor gym workout

Indoor gym workouts are getting more popular these days because most communities have at least one family-oriented gym or fitness center available to kids and teens. This is another great way for kids to work on their physical fitness in a climate controlled environment during the winter. Many gyms offer classes where students can pick and choose which type of physical activity they want to work on. Additionally, most gyms are open extended hours so kids won’t have to worry about squeezing in their work out around their homework and study schedule.

4. Run club

A lot of young students would love to be on the track and field team but just can’t make the time commitment taking into consideration all the homework they have to complete. An excellent alternative is to join a community based running club where athletes can join in two or three days a week or as often as their school schedule allows. Students who feel they’re missing out on a little bit of competition will find opportunities to enter team races and shoot for a personal best or a prize in their age category.

5. Dance

Dance lessons also provide an excellent physical fitness opportunity and combine that with creativity. Students who are interested in the arts and music may find that dance is the right exercise for them because it allows them to express themselves artistically while practicing a healthy exercise routine and making new friends.

In short

Whether kids play on an official school team or exercise outside of school; physical fitness is a major part of a well-rounded education. Also, students to exercise on a regular basis will have an easier time concentrating during extended homework sessions and younger kids will find it easier to behave if they don’t have a ton of extra energy in the classroom.

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