Social Networking as a Freshman: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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Now that students are going off to college, they are thinking about the many ways they can benefit from their university education. Of course, college-educated ladies will have a huge benefit once they enter the workforce and more opportunities to make money in their dream field. Additionally, the concepts and topics taught in college courses are complex and exciting and provide students with more knowledge of their primary field of study as well as the world around them. One thing freshmen should focus on is how to network successfully on a social level. Social connections made in college can be fruitful and long-lasting when done right. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to social networking that new college students should consider.

Do: Make Genuine Friends

One of the most important parts of social networking is to gain genuine friendships. Social networking is different from professional networking in that people aren’t specifically looking for a job or career-related information. Although social networking might lead to professional contacts, later on, freshmen are encouraged to focus simply on making genuine friendships with people who have an interest in developing their education and being successful while at a university (READ: 5 sings you need a math tutor in college).

Don’t: Expect results right away

It can be tempting to expect positive results straight away. Everybody wants to make new friends, join a successful study group, or line up their first internship. However, making new friends can take a significant amount of time, especially when everybody is focused on so many things at once. As a freshman, ladies have to focus on academics, a new living situation, financial independence, and time management in addition to their social prospects. Patience is a virtue when it comes to social networking as a college freshman.

Do: Make connections within your major

It’s a good idea for people to make connections within their intended major field of study. People who intend to go into the same field will often have similar interests and a similar schedule of classes. These people make great study buddies and even serve as career connections later on. Haven’t decided on a major yet? That’s okay. Start making friends in classes that are interesting or might serve as a potential choice of major (READ: 5 Things to do Before You Go To College).

Do: Participate in philanthropic activities

It’s always a good idea to participate in activities that give back to others or the community. Many genuine friendships can be formed while participating in volunteer activities on campus. Additionally, joining a philanthropic club or organization can introduce students to peers who don’t happen to be in the same courses. It’s a great idea to diversify social networking opportunities to learn about different types of people as well as new and exciting things.

Don’t: Get discouraged

Many college freshmen get a little bit discouraged if they don’t have a huge social network right away. Some people are social butterflies and others are not. It’s totally okay to be on the shy side when coping with this huge adjustment from high school to college. If someone doesn’t feel up to organizing a new club or activity, they can simply join in on activities and let their social side shine once they feel more comfortable. In reality, even ladies who seem incredibly social are probably dealing with the same fears and stressors as everybody else. Remember, going to college is a huge adjustment for everybody and making a whole new set of friends can be tough at first. However, great social networking requires a little bit of perseverance and patience but it’s, totally worth it in the end.

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