Most students think of classes in high school primarily as a series of homework assignments and exams. However, it’s important to participate in the class material and demonstrate to the teacher that the student has an understanding of the assignments and is paying attention on a regular basis. For some courses, this will be no problem at all because the student already has an inherent interest in the subject matter. On the other hand, there will always be at least one or two classes that a student just doesn’t like either because they find the material to be dry or they don’t like something about the structure of the class. The good news is there are ways to demonstrate participation in any class, whether it’s a favorite or not.

 Ask Questions

 One of the best ways students can demonstrate that they are engaged in the course material is to ask questions regularly. If it’s a tough subject, the questions might be clarifications about the material or assignments. Whereas, if the student has a handle on the course overall, they might pose questions as more of a comment. This is especially true for literature classes where students can discuss characters or plot lines. Chances are, any course that has a textbook will have something complicated enough to ask a question about.

 Avoid Sitting in the Back of the Class

 Many students avoid sitting in the very front row because they feel nervous or don’t want to be the center of attention. Students don’t have to be right up front to let the teacher know they are involved in the material, but they should avoid sitting way at the back. It’s too easy to zone out and think about other things or talk to a classmate when sitting in the back row.

 Take Notes

Teachers will definitely notice whether or not students are taking notes on the material being presented. Taking notes is also a great way to study for exams and they are a helpful resource when completing homework assignments. Taking notes is a best practice for any student in any subject and is encouraged on a daily basis. 

Look for Something Interesting in the Course Material

Whether or not it seems obvious, teachers will notice if a student has an interest in the course material. If a student loves to read and they’re in literature class, this probably won’t be too difficult. However, it can be a challenge to find something interesting about a class a student doesn’t naturally gravitate towards. Students are encouraged to look through the subject matter as they’re doing their assignments and try to find something interesting they can talk about in their assignments. Teachers will definitely notice which homework assignments are a result of research and which were simply done quickly to meet the minimum requirement.

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