Fullerton Private Tutor Tips: 4 ways to Come Up With a Great Thesis Statement


Whether a student is writing a paper for a science course or literature class, they will be faced with writing several thesis statements throughout their high school career. It can be a real challenge to stare at a blank piece of paper and formulate a thesis that will earn a student an A paper from the teacher. However, there are some great tips and tricks that will help students in any course come up with a great thesis statement and learn how to refine it so their paper will be clear, concise, and interesting to read – our private Fullerton tutoring will help you improve your writing.

1. Start asking questions

One of the first things student writers should do is start asking themselves the questions they will need to answer throughout their paper. Why did a particular character in a novel react a certain way? Why did the plot take a sudden twist? There are lots of different ways students can start analyzing a piece of literature, and they can start by asking themselves questions about things they don’t quite understand. If students are in a science or history course, they can look into cause and effect or the scientific method. Is students are stuck they can ask themselves who, what, when, where, and why. This can help them get their thoughts organized and get the creative juices flowing.

2. Don’t worry too much

Many students worry that their initial thesis statement won’t be perfect, and this will most certainly be true. Nearly every writer will need to refine their statement into a second or third draft. Students should not be so focused on whether or not their first statement is amazing; rather they should just get something written down on paper to start refining it and move on to the next step. Worrying about being perfect is one of the leading causes of writer’s block for any writing, but especially academic writing that needs to be well organized and concise.

3. Write an outline

Students often skip writing an outline because they feel it is a waste of time. In fact, writing an outline is an incredibly helpful way to start formulating a thesis statement as well as a well-written paper on the whole. It’s important that each paragraph goes back to the thesis statement and stays within the confines of the main idea. When students are writing an outline they will be able to go through a checklist to see if their paper meets all of the requirements before they put in hours of writing and editing. Many students can write their thesis paragraph, as well as their entire paper, by expanding their detailed outline. As a result they’ll have a rough draft in no time (READ: Irvine AP Tutor Tips: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams).

4. Focus on originality

Students are encouraged to think about whether or not a potential thesis has an original spin. If they’re writing something that the teacher has read about over and over again, it’s hard to make the paper interesting and stick out among the crowd. If a student writer can come up with an original spin, something that has to do with their interpretation of the learning material, they will come up with a much more interesting thesis that will lead to an overall better paper and possibly a better grade.

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