How Parents Can Help Their Kids With Homework

Homework is a big part of school, which is why it’s essential to develop and encourage productive habits early. Parents can play an important role in helping their kids find success with their homework. To get you going on the right track we’ve put together four easy tips to help your kids with their schoolwork. Have some empathy; remember what a drag homework was back when you were in school – book your private San Diego academic tutor for expert homework help.

1. Give them space

Don’t start bugging them about their homework until you’ve given them a chance to do it on their own. If you have a designated homework hour, see if they remember and take the initiative to start before reminding them. Once they are working on their homework, sometimes it’s best to stay out of the way unless they need some help or encouragement.

2. Don’t Force it

Forcing your kids to do their homework is not the answer. Of course, you have to make sure it gets done, but if they’re struggling or approaching their HW with the wrong attitude, sometimes it’s best to let them take a little break and come back to it. Encourage them to go on a walk instead of straight to their phones. If they’re struggling to remember how to solve a problem on their HW, a walk might help spark their memory. Walking is a great stress reliever, which is much needed when you’re working on a difficult assignment.

3. Set a Good Example

Just like anything else in life, you set the best example for your kids to follow. It becomes that much more difficult and conflicting for your kids when they hear you telling them to do their homework while seeing you procrastinating. Set the bar high by showing them that you get things done on time, and you don’t wait until the last minute. For example, if you have work to do at home choose a designated time and stick to it (READ: Study Tips From an Orange County Tutor).

4. Have a Backup Plan

It’s not unexpected that your kids will forget what their assignment is for the night, especially for projects that have due dates father off than the next day. One way parents can help their kids in the situation is to arrange a homework help buddy in their class. Tell them to get the phone number of one of their friends in class so they can call them if they ever forget a homework assignment.

Another great way to ensure homework success is to book a private San Diego academic tutor. Call us today to learn more about our tutoring packages.

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