Many students will opt in for online tutoring as a pathway to success. Online tutoring offers many advantages, especially for high school and college level students, who need more flexibility with their schedule, or who may need last minute help. In order to make an online tutoring session successful and efficient, there are some things students and their families can do in advance. 

Check Your Computer

Before a student’s first session, it’s important to check their computer. Make sure they have a built-in camera, or install one and ensure that it’s working properly. Additionally, it’s important to verify that the sound and speakers are working correctly and that any software the student will be using with their tutor is installed. Many online meeting tools require updates on a regular basis and they can be somewhat lengthy, so sit down an hour or so before the session and make sure all of this is handled. 

Organize Your Assignment

Aside from working with technology, students should prepare for their online session in the same way they would prepare for an in person session with their tutor. Primarily, it’s important that they have all of the materials they want to work with available and organized. Prioritizing which assignments a student wants to work on based on need or due date is also an essential part of making an online session work well. 

Use Sharing Software

If a student is using sharing software they should make sure their tutor knows which programs they prefer to use in advance of their first session. Some programs work better on a laptop while others might work with a mobile device, since most students will be working on a laptop it’s important they understand the technology they will be using. For instance, is it beneficial to have a second screen rather than tabbing back and forth? Is all of the software they’re going to be using free and easily available? Handling these issues ahead of time will make for a better academic experience. 

Find a Quiet Place to Work

Students can work with a tutor online virtually anywhere, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better or worse places to set up working with your online tutor. Students still need to find a quiet place to work, especially if they are in a college environment where they might want to stake out a good place on campus in advance. High school students should determine if they will be able to work in a library setting, at home, or somewhere else. Noisy, busy places are usually not the best for working with an online tutor. Rather, a quiet place where a student can concentrate is the best environment.

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