It’s common for students to struggle with the transition from summer break to the fall semester. In general, most classroom teachers will start with review from the previous year to help students get on track and stay there. Once students move on to new material, however, it can be easy for their grades to slip if they are still finding the back to school transition a challenge. Each learner is an individual so what works for one student might not work for another, but there are some universal tips students can look out for to get back on track more quickly. 

Keep track of homework assignments

One of the best things students and their caregivers can do is to keep track of homework assignments and look for patterns. If a student is getting similar grades consistently, and the grades are what the student is expecting, then they likely have a good handle on the academic expectations of their current grade level. On the other hand, if they start out the year with consistent grades and then drop suddenly, they might be struggling to adjust or there may be a particular topic that is extra challenging. It can be really helpful for a tutor to be able to look at a student’s homework assignments in chronological order so they can pinpoint the areas that need attention.

Keep a consistent schedule

The first few weeks of a new school year can feel really chaotic. There are new expectations and activities that can pull a student’s attention in different directions. Keeping a consistent study schedule can combat these issues and help a student stay organized. If a student is having trouble maintaining a consistent schedule on their own, working with their tutor or as part of a study group can help them stay on track. 

Schedule an appointment with the classroom teacher

A student’s teacher is one of the best resources to help students get back on track and stay on track for the rest of the year. Teachers have tons of insight into what’s going on with individual students on a daily basis and can generally offer precise feedback on what to review. In many cases, teachers can also recommend resources or assign extra practice in the topics that a student needs to master. 

Identify potential non-academic issues

In some cases, a student might need help with areas of their daily schedule outside of academics. For instance, they may need more sleep or they may need to break their study  sessions up into parts in between learning new topics. In many circumstances, a student’s tutor can help them with time management and prioritize what they need to work on so they can be successful at school and still have a well-balanced daily life.

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