Transitioning from elementary to middle school is a huge step. In fact, it’s one of the biggest transitions a student will make in their academic career. In middle school, teachers expect more from students both academically and socially. Unfortunately, it comes at a time when students are dealing with a lot of changes outside of school, which can make it difficult to concentrate and feel motivated in the classroom environment. Although challenging, the transition to middle school can be successful with the right balance of responsibility and support.

Organize academic subjects

Organization is absolutely essential when it comes to navigating academic subjects at the middle school level. The concepts taught in the classroom as well as the amount of homework becomes more challenging seemingly overnight. In addition, students are expected to arrive in the middle school environment with a decent amount of self regulation and study skills from day one. Students who generally struggle with time management and other studies skills can seek the help of a tutor who can organize their assignments and help prioritize which topics to tackle first so the student can focus on learning.

Stay in communication with the teacher

 Once a student starts middle school, it’s also essential to keep in regular communication with their classroom teacher. A student might decline academically and need immediate support or they might start to struggle little by little overtime. Either way, it’s best not to wait until the end of the semester when final grades are in to take action. Teachers are fantastic resources and can provide students with feedback about the specific areas they need help in and why they are struggling with a specific concept.

Transition more responsibility to the student

Once students reach their preteens, it’s also a good idea to start transitioning more responsibility to them. Every middle school student is an individual and what works for one might not be the right option for another. The important thing is simply that the student gets the support they need when they really need it but that they begin to learn an appropriate level of responsibility on their own so they can begin to prepare for the rigors of high school.

Seek support when needed

Despite the importance of responsibility, it’s a great idea to seek support whenever needed. Private tutoring is a great option because a student will work with an expert in whichever subject they need a little extra help with. As students transition away from their elementary years, they’re going to experience changes in their social and emotional lives as well as their academic environment. Getting help with organization and study skills can be just as valuable as learning about a specific topic or assignment.

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