4 signs a student will be successful in middle school


Starting middle school is one of the biggest transitions a student will face throughout their academic career. This time represents both educational and social changes that can make it a challenge to be successful overall. However, some students have an easy transition to middle school and do well in their more difficult classes. There are some signs that a student will be successful in middle school, which can, in turn, lead to success in high school and beyond. If a student is keeping their stress low but their grades high and has a great relationship with some responsible and motivated peers, they’re probably going in the right direction – our experienced Orange County middle school tutors are here to help.

1.  Consistently good grades

Starting middle school is a pretty big academic transition and some students who received excellent grades in elementary school may need a little bit of help from a study group or tutor. This is totally normal because the concepts at this level of learning are getting increasingly harder and build upon themselves. However, if a middle school student is receiving A’s and B’s in most of their courses it’s a sign that they’re going to be academically successful. It’s always a good idea for students to maintain open lines of communication with their kid’s teacher just to see if things are on track. At this point in the year, students will have been handed back a few assignments and tests so parents can take a look and see how their kid is doing. The most important thing is that the grades are consistent. If a student gets one poor grade here and there, it’s not necessarily indicative of their overall effort. The consistency is the key to success during this transition.

2. They like their teacher

Middle school age students sometimes have mixed feelings about their classroom teachers. Teachers start assigning more work at a more difficult level, which can be overwhelming for some students. Additionally, this is the time when students begin to challenge authority figures. As a result, if middle school students like their teacher it’s a really good sign. This means they enjoy school overall and generally have good feelings about their educational experience. They may feel that the teacher is a tough grader or gives out too much homework but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like their teachers. If a middle school student feels comfortable raising their hand and asking questions or staying after class to ask for help, they’re very likely to be successful in general.

3. Their friends are good role models

It’s a good sign if a middle school student has made friends with other students who are motivated to do well academically and who are good role models. This means that students are likely to influence each other in a positive way and encourage each other to study for exams and complete homework assignments on time. Making new friends at a new school can be a social challenge so students may consider joining a study group or social club to enjoy this particular element of growing up (READ: 5 Ways to Study for Science Class).

4. Choosing an after-school activity

The rigors of academics can become overwhelming at times, making it hard for students to participate in extracurricular activities. However, if students are interested in activities such as sports, arts, and music, or a volunteer group, they are probably on the right track. If a student is too tired to do much of anything when they come home from school they might be getting overwhelmed and need a little bit of extra help. To maintain a great work-life balance, students need to have some fun when outside of the classroom. Participating in a fun after-school activity can add to their success.

Even successful students need help from time to time. Our private Orange County academic tutors will help your middle-schooler succeed in every topic. From science to English, TutorNerds is here to help.

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