Students can be performing really well in their classes for a long time and then suddenly need help with new concepts or they may slowly start to struggle with a challenging subject. In some cases, the change is not with the student’s study habits but rather increased expectations at school. Whatever the reason, help is available for students who need a little extra encouragement to complete assignments successfully and on time. There are four tell tale signs that a student needs to start getting extra help with their homework assignments. 

A Decrease in Grades

A decline in grades is a major sign that a student is struggling. The first thing parents should do is get in contact with the teacher. Ask about any major changes in the classroom. Has the teacher started a new topic recently? Has there been a change in the classroom environment? Is the decrease in grades occurring at a time of year when students generally have trouble concentrating, such as just before a semester break? 

It’s also important to talk with the student directly. Ask them what’s been going on at school and how they are approaching their current homework assignments. Are they distracted by their phone? Is the content of their assignments too challenging to tackle solo? Whatever the underlying cause, homework help tutors are great resources to get, and keep, students on track. 

A Loss of Interest

Another sign that a student needs help with homework is a demonstrated loss of interest. There are always subjects that students just don’t like but if they suddenly feel indifferent about a subject they once loved, extra attention is needed. The issue to pinpoint is why the student lost interest. Have they changed their study habits? Has the difficulty level of their school assignments increased? In many cases, private tutors can look at a series of recent assignments and help pinpoint what’s going on. 

Visible Frustration

If a student is visibly agitated on a homework assignment, it’s definitely time to get them some help. The pressure on students to be successful and maintain an incredible amount of concentration is intense, especially when they enter the college prep years. A homework help tutor can work with the student to reduce frustration and increase self confidence. 

Time Management Issues

Time management issues are incredibly common and can leave a normally successful student falling more and more behind as the school year goes on. Some students just need a little more time to complete assignments, especially at the beginning of the year or when they return from a school break. High school students have to juggle their normal work load in addition to test prep and AP courses. Homework help tutors can make study more efficient and reduce stress when assignments become troublesome. 

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