Tips from a Fullerton Private Tutor: 4 Reasons to Take Notes During Class


Taking notes during a lecture is an extremely important part of understanding the class material and being able to recall important information later on. Many students find it difficult to focus on the teacher and take notes at the same time, tempting them to forgo note-taking altogether. Although it can be a challenge to divide attention between listening and writing, note-taking is one of the most valuable skills a student can learn. If they’re currently struggling with note-taking, students are encouraged to work on it with their teacher or tutor so they will be able to utilize the skill in future semesters. Students who take notes efficiently and regularly will see a huge improvement in their GPA over time – our private Fullerton tutors are filled with tips for succeeding in class.

1. Recall important information

When a student is listening to the teacher during a class lecture, they often think they will remember everything that is said later on. However, they may need this important information a day, a week, or even a couple of months later. It’s almost impossible for anybody to remember the details of any given lecture several days later without something to jog their memory. When students take notes, they remember every important thing the teacher said. Whether it’s a due date, pages for a homework assignment, or an important change in the class material, the student won’t have to remember it because everything will be right there in front of them. If students aren’t sure exactly what to write, they should look at what the teacher is writing on the board. This is a pretty good starting point (4 Great Ways to Organize Your Time in High School).

2. Get tips and tricks for the next exam

Many teachers will provide important information about what will appear on the next exam during a course lecture. They will sometimes do this when it appears the majority of students are not listening. This means that the students who are listening and taking notes will be at an advantage over their classmates. Teachers may hint that a particular chapter will be more heavily covered on an exam or the students will need to focus on a particular part of the study guide to ace a test.

3. Separate important information from non-essential material

A lot of class lectures will cover information that, although interesting, is just a background. It will explain the context of what’s going on but may be too much for a student to write down. It can be hard to remember what information was just background material and which information was an essential part of the lecture. When students take notes, they separate this important information from the less important material, and when they go back to study later on, they won’t become overwhelmed with things they don’t need to know.

4. Get help studying for an exam or writing a paper

Students will either have to take an exam or write a paper, or both, in any class they take. Many teachers will instruct students to refer back to their course notes as a study guide for the exam or instruct students to look through their notes to get ideas for their paper. Students who did not take any notes will be at a loss. Course notes serve as a great self-prepared study guide for any student in any course. Additionally, if students are struggling to come up with ideas for a paper or thesis statement they can easily refer back to their course notes to come up with ideas or an outline.

It’s never too early to start prepping for final exams and papers. Call us today for information on our experienced Fullerton private tutors.

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