Students who have a break during summer session have an opportunity to use that time for a number of different things. Some students might need a break from the rigors of academic life while some older students might choose to work at a part-time job. Summer is also a great opportunity for students to consider volunteer options or work with their academic tutor to prepare for test prep season or an honors class. Students who are considering spending part of their summer working with a tutor should consider several reasons why that is a great idea.

Test prep

Summer is a popular time for students to work on test preparation. During the year, there are so many academic tasks in front of students that it can be a challenge to balance regular coursework with test prep. Summer session is a great time for students to sit down with a tutor one-on-one  to create an individualized plan of action to help that student reach their specific goals.

College  planning

It can be overwhelming to think about college planning during the school year. Summer is a great opportunity for students to give college planning their undivided attention including visiting different college campuses, working with a college counselor, and tackling the essay requirements. For many students, on-site campus visits will take them all over the country, something they would not be able to do easily during the school year.

 Honors classes

Some honors classes require students to do homework over the summer, and they are expected to come prepared on the very first day of class. Many of these classes have a substantial amount of reading material that students might need extra help organizing. Working with a one-on-one tutor can help students learn how to take excellent notes and remember the most important elements of their various reading material.

Building a solid learning foundation

In many cases, students will have that one subject in school that is just really challenging. Summer is a good time for students to work with an academic tutor to help them get caught up on any topics they need a little extra help with. Often, academic topics can build on one another, so if a student is struggling with some of the essential elements of a subject they will face greater challenges as they move forward. Working with a tutor who offers students individualized attention can ensure each student has a solid learning foundation. 

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