Orange County SAT Tutor Tips: 4 great ways to study for the SAT this fall


Students know it’s coming; they all have to take the SAT at some point this fall or winter. This is a critical test, and many students will end up taking it several times to reach their particular desired score. Great SAT scores can sometimes lead to scholarships or other forms of financial aid based on merit and can certainly help students get closer to admittance to their dream school. However, there’s so much pressure put on doing well on this test that many students get overly stressed out. One of the best ways to combat this type of stress is to be well prepared and only have to take the SAT once or twice and then move on to more fun activities. These are a few great ways students can study for the SAT this fall (Our private Orange County SAT tutors are ready to help).

1. Read (a lot)

Students who read – and this can mean novels, the newspaper, blogs, or journals – tend to have a much easier time on the reading comprehension and vocab sections of the SAT. Students who read a lot tend to expand their vocabulary naturally and have a better understanding of root words as well as the different emotional meanings of words. Additionally, students who are used to figuring out challenging elements found within the written language will find it relatively easy to comprehend the terms found within the 2016 SAT. Students who read naturally will already be developing these skills, but students who don’t like to read for fun can start by reading a couple of novels or reading a shorter newspaper or journal articles that fit well within their schedule.

2. Knowledge of history

Students who have a basic knowledge of historical figures as well as important events within history – both political and social – tend to do well on standardized tests such as the SAT. Whether or not students will directly demonstrate their knowledge of history on the exam is to be determined, however, students who are also history buffs tend to have excellent analytical skills and be able to understand cause and effect, both essential for an exam such as the SAT. There’s still time for students to brush up on their historical knowledge and understand how one thing leads to another or why certain consequences occurred due to an event or conflict found within history.

3. Great math memory

Some students do well in their math classes and have no trouble remembering formulas or procedures. Students who have an excellent memory for calculations and who can understand the importance of step-by-step elements of advanced math are also more likely to do well on the SAT. To some degree, having an excellent math memory is a natural talent, but students who work hard to learn and memorize can develop these skills overtime. Math is a subject where practice makes perfect, so it’s a good idea for students to do a little bit of math a few days a week so they can learn these important skills without becoming overwhelmed while they prepare for the test (READ: 5 reasons to avoid cramming for a test).

4. Eliminating unimportant information

The SAT will always provide test-takers with some information that is entirely irrelevant. However, it’s up to the student to determine which information is unimportant and which they need to focus on to get the right answer. Whether students are doing a mathematical word problem, reading through a passage, or just trying to pick between two good answers, being able to get rid of irrelevant information is the key to success. If all else fails, students who have this skill will be able to eliminate answer choices – something that has always been an essential skill for standardized test-takers – so they can choose between two decent answers and have at least a 50-50 chance of getting a question right.

It’s never too late to start prep for the SAT this fall. Call us today for more information on our experienced Orange County SAT tutoring.

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