Many students who have started their first year of college will receive their first set of grades in the next few weeks. No matter how driven and hardworking a student is in high school, the adjustment to college life is a big one and many students find they want to improve their GPA during their second academic term. Each student will have their own strengths and will probably choose a major in which they excel. However, the first two years require students to take a variety of classes before they can concentrate on the field of study that interests them the most. Luckily, there are a few things students can do to boost their college GPA and work towards a great academic record.

Speak with an academic counselor

The first thing every student should do is talk with one of the academic advisors on campus. Most students will have one subject that they struggle with and may find themselves spending all of the time on this one course while inadvertently neglecting classes that they would normally do well in naturally. Academic advisors can help students determine how many courses in a particular subject a student needs to complete. Additionally, sometimes students can take one course that checks two boxes or they might be able to take that extra difficult course over the summer and give it their absolute attention. Students can also discuss their strengths with academic advisors and identify courses they are likely to excel in.

Choose elective courses wisely

College level students can pick a wide variety of courses to fill elective units. If they are struggling currently with their GPA, they may want to think about taking elective courses that they are likely to do well in, based on their past performance in high school or their personal interests. Also, students are always encouraged to read through the syllabus of any course they’ve signed up for very carefully to make sure it’s a good fit for them for a particular semester. The syllabus will let students know what’s expected of them up front and help them determine which courses are right for them throughout their college career.

Talk with your tutor

Students who meet with an academic tutor regularly are encouraged to bring up which assignments and topics they struggle with the most so they can have an informed plan of action for the following term. In some cases a student might normally do very well in a particular subject but they may have been overwhelmed by the amount of homework or writing assignments required, for example. Tutors are great resources to help students learn how to manage their time and prioritize assignments and due dates.

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