Tips from a Fullerton Tutor: 3 great Ways to Work on Reading Over the Summer


As students prepare for the end of the school year, they will be assessed to see how far they’ve come in the last few months. For younger students, the basic building blocks such as reading are one of the most important things to learn about. Parents are encouraged to get in touch with their child’s teacher before the end of the year to determine where their skill levels are currently. If students are doing well they can just use the teacher’s suggested reading list as a guideline. However, if the student is at risk of falling behind, they should consider making reading a primary focus over the summer. The classroom teacher is the best source of individualized information which can help parents and students create a plan that best meets their specific needs. However, there are some universal tips and tricks to help kids work on reading skills over the summer months – book your experienced Fullerton reading tutor for the summer.

1. Create a regular schedule

It can be hard to get kids to focus on reading when the weather is beautiful, and they want to be outside. If students have a regular schedule where they work on reading at a particular time each day, it will be easier for them to transition and focus. The schedule can be very specific or more generalized. For example, the student could work on reading from 3 to 3:45 each afternoon or the parent could just arrange for their kid to work on reading at some point in the afternoon, so long as the schedule is consistent the student will have a better chance of being able to concentrate on their reading and improve their skills over time.

2. Work with a Fullerton tutor

If the classroom teacher has suggested an individualized plan geared to help a student reach a certain set of goals, then it’s helpful to work with a one-on-one Fullerton tutor. The tutor can go over the goals with the student or parent and determine how to create a plan that fits into the student’s summer tutoring schedule. Tutors can help younger students focus and organize but they can also help students delve into challenging material and help keep them motivated to push through. Many students don’t see immediate results with reading, and so the task can become frustrating rather quickly. Over time, however, students who stick to a consistent reading schedule will find that it becomes a lot easier to sound out words and learn English language patterns as well as build confidence at home and in the classroom (READ: Irvine Academic Tutor Tips: How to Beat Senioritis).

3. Choose interesting subject matter

If a student is already struggling with reading, introducing dry material or characters that the student can’t relate to will make the task nearly impossible. It’s essential to find out what the student is interested in at this point in time and encourage them to read about that thing in particular. It doesn’t really matter if the student is reading about dirt biking, unicorns, baseball games, or an adventure through the Jungle just so long as they’re learning how to read. In addition to choosing a topic, the student is interested in it’s important that they can identify any characters that may appear in a novel. If the student is interested in what happens to the protagonist, they are more likely to stick with the book until the end. Students can focus on fiction, non-fiction, long chapter books, or short magazine articles just so long as they consistently practice and notice regular Improvement.

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