Desirable Ivy League Traits

There are some very elite colleges and universities where the education and the culture are highly competitive. Along with schools like Stanford, Cal Berkeley and MIT, the Ivy League schools rank amongst the top schools in America. With a strong reputation for providing first class educations, these schools offer graduates many advantages over students graduating from other schools. For that reason, the Ivy League schools demand certain characteristics from their incoming freshmen. Here are some of those desirable traits.


The Ivy League schools are filled with highly intelligent students, but these schools want something more. They are looking for well-rounded individuals. In order to be well rounded, a person needs exposure to many types of people and ideas. Every unique person on a Ivy League campus brings something unique to the world of every other student they come in contact with on campus.


While it is a wonderful thing to have many interests, the Ivy League schools are looking for individuals with the proper focus that allows them to set a goal and achieve it no matter what. They want a student of many things, but a master of one. They want someone who is directed and motivated.


The ability to lead people and minds into the future is very important at these types of schools. It’s no coincidence that many of our corporate heads and top political leaders came from one of the Ivy League schools.

Communication Skills

As potential leaders of tomorrow, Ivy League applicants must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. In order to be heard amongst a campus of great scholars, an individual must be able to successfully convey their thoughts and opinions, or be overshadowed by those who can.



Right or wrong, the world holds great expectations for Ivy League students and graduates. They expect a whole lot more than the status-quo. They expect innovation, entrepreneurship and a mindset focused on the future. Ivy League students need to understand the ever-changing world .


Ivy League students will be exposed to a highly competitive environments where taking shorts cuts may seem like a good idea. However, these schools insist on honesty, ethical behavior and fair mindedness from all students. If they are to be trusted as lawyers, doctors, and leaders, they must show they are trustworthy.


Due to the competitive nature on the campuses, it’s easy to get lost amongst the great minds and voices. An individual must be strong enough to make a place for themselves in this environment, or end up being left behind. The education at these schools is expensive. There is little room for complacency. For the privilege of being accepted at an elite learning institution, an individual must be ready for the challenge. Individuals with the traits listed above are well on their way to potential success.

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