Find schools that match your talents

A college consultant helps students identify their strongest academic and creative areas and locates schools offering programs in those same areas. High school offers a pretty specific structure with only a few electives, many of which fill up before an enthusiastic student can sign up for the class. As a result, when students start the college application process they are faced with making important decisions without knowing everything they are interested in. College consultants help bridge this gap.

Leave the effort to an expert

Sophomore through senior years are hard enough. A standard school week is tough, not to mention AP and honors classes, the SAT and ACT, and college applications! College consultants can take at least some of the burden off of a student and their family by organizing a timeline for success, priorities, and crucial deadlines. Students can focus on school and lower their stress.

Be on the safe side

Many students try to take on the college application process solo. That may have worked when the average student applied to 3-5 colleges, but those days are long gone. Today’s students may apply to over a dozen universities, organizing their choices into different categories and priorities. They are also likely applying for some type of scholarship or financial aid, especially if they are considering going to an out-of-state college. Students who utilize the expertise of a college consultant are more likely to have a low stress experience and make solid choices throughout the application experience.

Never miss a deadline

Deadlines are incredibly important when it comes to applying to college. Colleges and universities don’t accept late or missing paperwork, in full or in part. Unfortunately, not every university has the same application deadline and in some cases deadlines aren’t easy to find, especially when it comes to scholarships, financial aid, and other supplemental parts of the process. A college consultant can help a student stay organized so they don’t miss a beat.

Focus on the most important element of your education 

Don’t forget the most important element of your education: You! Too many students get caught up in the stress and strain of the last two years of high school. It can easily get to a point where learning just isn’t fun any more and school becomes a revolving door of completing tasks. Learning should be fun, but this only happens when a student’s workload is reasonable. College consultants streamline the application process and meet with students regularly to help them stay motivated throughout each step.

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