There are several ways students can get a college level education these days, whether they choose to study in the traditional on-campus learning environment, attend school mostly online, or a mixture of both. One thing that hasn’t changed is how expensive a college education is. In order to attend school and graduate without excessive debt, most students are looking for ways to save money during college.

Take advantage of student discounts

Many places offer student discounts, which can be an opportunity to save a little money and still enjoy a social life while in college. Some entertainment and business centers advertise upfront that they have student discounts while other places will require the student to ask specifically, but it’s definitely worth a try. In addition, many universities will offer opportunities for students to save on essential items such as books and supplies if they have a job on campus. Pocket money can be sparse during the college years and a few dollars here and there can alleviate some of the pressure on students to save money.

Apply for scholarships

When college students think about scholarships, they tend to think about the large scholarships and grants that pay out tens of thousands of dollars or offer students a full ride. However, there are lots of smaller scholarships available that may pay out a few hundred dollars. Although some of the applications can be lengthy, it may be worth it to apply to several smaller scholarships or grants because the financial benefit can add up.

Look into financial aid

The financial aid system is a tricky one with lengthy applications that can be frustrating. However, it may be a good option for students who qualify. In order to navigate this process it is  recommended that students talk to an expert within their university’s financial aid office to determine if they qualify, how to go about the application process, and what paperwork they will need to start their application.

Investigate multiple living options

One of the most expensive things, aside from tuition, that students will have to deal with is finding a place to live. In many cases, living on campus is expensive but students will be able to manage without a car. Alternatively, there may be a larger variety of options if a student chooses to live off campus. Students should weigh the differences between on and off campus living options and take into account whether or not they will need transportation, if public transportation is available, if they’ll need to have roommates, and what their ultimate monthly expenses will be.

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