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TOEFL Tutoring

TOEFL Tutoring & Test Preparation

TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL exam is administered all over the world as a measure of one’s English competency where English is not his or her native language. Thousands of students and professionals take the TOEFL every year in order to further their education or career. The exam is designed specifically to test language comprehension, critical thinking within an English context, and understanding of conventions and rhetoric in English. Essentially the exam is designed to imitate social and professional circumstances in which English is being spoken.


There are 4 topics on the *Internet-Based version of the TOEFL:


  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing


The exam is around four hours in duration.


*The Internet-Based version of the TOEFL is the only version available in the United States. Paper-Based TOEFL exams are available in other countries. The Paper-Based version, however, differs in its content.  We have specified about which version we are discussing for clarification.

Taking the TOEFL is required by most American universities, companies, scholarships, and government institutions where the applicant is a non-native english speaker. Therefore doing well on the TOEFL is a major factor in your professional and academic success! Unique to exams like the TOEFL, a standard English tutor will not be sufficient. In order to be successful, you need a tutor who can assess your specific needs relative to the exam. But equally important, your tutor must be able to explain English concepts in a specific way so that you understand them. This is where simple test preparation books are not ideal for many students. If the book explains a concept in one way, assuming you will understand, and then you don’t, the book cannot provide any more help. A tutor, however, can adapt to your learning needs, making sure that each concept is clear and understood before you take the exam.

TutorNerds TOEFL experts have experience teaching TOEFL concepts and are guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience from the very first session. Our flexible scheduling is ideal for students and professionals. We work with you in-home, or at a convenient location, at a time that is ideal for you. A TutorNerds expert can specifically tailor your TOEFL preparation in order to efficiently and effectively produce results. Tutors outline an organized approach to the TOEFL that fits with your needs as well as your schedule. Together, you will work through the concepts covered by the TOEFL in order to ensure you have a solid understanding of the material from the start. We recommend TOEFL exam-takers begin their preparation at least twelve weeks prior to the exam date. This will provide an opportunity for your tutor to explain typical types of questions and test-taking strategies while at the same time increasing your knowledge. Our tutors provide the opportunity for total immersion in the exam, so that you master the right skills to perform at your highest on the TOEFL and beyond.


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