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Social Studies Tutoring

K-8 Social Studies Tutoring


Elementary and Middle School history and social studies classes provide the foundation of history understanding prior to more specific study. Each year is unique and students learn about a variety of topics in their first years of education. A few topics covered by California standards include

  • Individual responsibilities and ethics of citizenship
  • Map-reading skills and prominent landmark locations (eg: Great Lakes)
  • Government institutions
  • The role of laws and economies
  • California history (grade four)
  • United States history (grades five and eight)
  • Ancient civilization (grade six)
  • Medieval history (grade seven)


This covers fairly diverse historical periods, giving students an intellectual foundation for high functioning in academic and professional settings in following years. Students also learn about a variety of social skills in addition to pure history–hence the term social studies. Like writing and basic math, social studies is a key building block in a solid foundation early on. Not only does the knowledge-base connect with different academic areas, but understanding historical change over time and, quite frankly, a better understanding of human-kind contributes to better mental development. If your student is struggling in social studies in any way, he or she is at a huge disadvantage, particularly because concepts build upon one another year-to-year. Therefore it is vital that you find a solution as soon as possible.


TutorNerds private social studies and history tutors are a great option for nearly every student. We partner students with actual elementary school teachers, fluent in the relevant information and experienced assessing the individual needs of students. Students receive the personal attention they may not otherwise get in the classroom because sessions are entirely focussed only on your student. We guarantee they will provide an exciting experience for your student from the very first session. They do more than just go over the homework – they improve your student.

How We Select high quality Social Studies tutors:

  • Multiple interviews
  • Assessments and mock tutoring sessions
  • Thorough background check

How Tutors give you high quality service:

  • Teach you the material in a way that fits your learning style
  • Give you study methods, strategies, and additional materials
  • Customize a comprehensive learning plan for your goals

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