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PSAT Tutoring

PSAT/NMSQT Tutoring & Test Prep


The Preliminary SAT (PSAT), also referred to as the National Merit Scholastic Qualifying Test (NMSQT) is a standardized test offered by the College Board once every year in October. The primary reason to take the PSAT is to gauge your level of preparedness for the SAT Reasoning.  But just as important for some are the scholarship opportunities granted to high-scoring students. Anyone student can take the PSAT, however it is most ideal for sophomore- and junior-year students. Though the PSAT does not directly affect college admissions–your scores will not be reported to universities–the scholarships associated with high scores can certainly impact the course of your education. Having said that, there’s really no consequence for taking the PSAT and not performing optimally.  You’ll simply have an idea about how much you need to prepare for the SAT.


SAT Practice


The PSAT features the same types of questions as the SAT and in the same academic categories–reading comprehension, writing, and math. As such, performance on this exam generally correlates with performance on the actual SAT. Tutoring for the PSAT is particularly excellent in that it has some carryover to the SAT, saving time and money. It is important to note however that the PSAT does not have a separate essay portion of the writing sections, as the SAT does.  And considering that the essay portion of the SAT only permits the student 25 minutes, extra standard SAT tutoring is advisable for most students, as this is often one of the most challenging aspects of the SAT.


Above all else, the PSAT tests critical thinking and problem-solving, rather than math-specific or reading-specific skills. For example, the exam will provide you any necessary formulae for geometry questions. Your preparation must put you in the correct frame of mind to look for the appropriate solutions. Indeed, many PSAT questions are intended to “stump” you, making you think the answer is “obviously” x when it is really y. Luckily for you, TutorNerds has qualified PSAT tutors with experience helping students get their highest score out of the exam. Don’t just use a practice test and try to figure out how to tackle the exam on your own–have an expert actually show you the best strategies.


Scholarship Opportunities


PSAT scores are distributed among 4 scholarship organizations (unless students request otherwise). The largest of these is the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which connects students with institutional and corporate scholarships and gives its own scholarship as well. Around 50,000 students qualify for scholarships, so this is not something to be taken lightly.  Winners are ultimately decided according to their overall academic performance. Still, to reiterate: All you have to do to enter is take the PSAT. Potentially thousands of dollars in scholarships for taking a $20 test? Sounds like a good deal. With that in mind, students must take PSAT seriously if they hope to qualify. Investing in a private tutor is a easy and effective way to do just that. You will get the highest-quality, most personalized test prep, guaranteed.


Students and parents should note that only junior-level students are eligible for scholarship opportunities.

Again, we emphasize that the PSAT is only offered once per year, so it is vital to start your tutoring beforehand.


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