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Phonics Tutoring

Tutoring for English Language Arts


Some say that writing is the only academic discipline with universal carry-over into all fields. Well, there is simply no denying that in all areas of life, academic, professional, or otherwise, it is absolutely essential to master language skills as a means of effective communication. Having the means to communicate your ideas accurately, as well as understand ideas communicated to you, is ultimately how we create and innovate.


TutorNerds offers specialized one-on-one English Language Arts tutoring for all grade levels from kindergarten through graduate school, including high school honors and AP classes. We have many highly successful tutors who specialize in specific areas of English. Our goal is equip students with all the skills necessary to read and write effectively, even beyond the scope of their English courses.

Some specific topics we tutor include:

  • Phonics and Grammar
  • Early/Elementary Reading, Writing, and Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Revision/Editing
  • Creative Writing
  • Literary/Rhetorical Analysis
  • AP English Composition and Literature Exams
  • College-level and Graduate-level Essay Editing


TutorNerds English Language Arts tutors are considered experts due to their extensive experience in studying the English language as well as effectively helping students improve their English skills. They first assess student strengths and areas of improvement, then recommend a comprehensive learning plan. They and are guaranteed to provide a pleasant and exciting teaching experience from the first session.

If you do not see your English Language Arts topic above, please contact us now!  We are confident that we have an educator with experience in your subject.

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