How Irvine Tutoring Can Fix Math Problems Over the Summer


When your student falls behind in math class, they are more likely to stay behind in the math classes that follow. This is because math classes in the United States follow a mostly linear progression where each class builds on the material learned in the previous class. So, if your student is falling behind, you want to catch it early and fix it. Here is how private Irvine math tutoring can fix math problems and set your student up for future success.

What an Experienced Irvine Math Tutor Can Do

Find the problem

It is often very difficult to find just what went wrong when a student’s math grades start slipping. An experienced tutor will be able to look at your student’s grades and materials from their last class and talk to them to see what they’re doing wrong and why.

Work only on the important areas

Students learn a huge amount of material every year in math class. Not all of it is important for future math classes. There is a lot of secondary and tertiary subjects covered to allow students to push themselves, practice things that might be more interesting to them, and to overall be exposed to more topics in math. However, when we are trying to fix math problems and improve for the following years, it is important that time isn’t waste trying to relearn and practice old material that your student will never have to do again.

Help master the essentials

Once the essential topics that will be reused are found they need to be mastered. This does not mean that your student should understand it and be able to do a problem or two. It means that they’ve done many problems successfully and will remember how to solve them for years to come. There are usually fewer than ten essential skills in a given math class, even if upwards of one hundred can be taught. An experienced tutor can make sure your student has mastered what’s important.

Get the student ahead

An experienced tutor knows what your student will be working on next year and going forward. Once they’ve mastered the essentials and fixed the problems from last year, a tutor can teach your student some of the most important topics for next year. This often gives a huge boost to students’ confidence and success in math when they do things in class that they are good at. That confidence can help propel them forward with good self-esteem and a more positive opinion of math.

It is important that your student’s tutor is a qualified, experienced, and effective educator. Simply having knowledge of the subject often isn’t enough to truly help diagnose and correct problems and prepare for the future. Discuss with your tutor what you are looking for and expecting out of the lessons. Falling math grades can be a significant problem that continues to get worse, but you can feel confident that an experienced tutor can help set your student up for long-term success in math.

Take the opportunity now over the summer while your student has more free time and less stress. Call TutorNerds today to book your private in-home Irvine math tutor for the summer!

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