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Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation


Interviews are a great opportunity for students to distinguish themselves in the competitive admissions process. Schools with greater applicant pools cannot offer interviews to every student, and some do not offer interviews at all. But applicants can request an interview, and especially those directly offered interviews, should certainly take advantage of the opportunity. The majority of your application is simply numbers on paper, and even essays are written in response to a prompt. There is little flexibility in communicating exactly what you want to. An interview is closer to a conversation, either with an admissions officer or an alumnus, in some cases. The advantages of an interview are several:


  1. Taking advantage of an interview shows the school that you are very interested and motivated in being accepted.
  2. You have the opportunity to clarify any information on your application.
  3. You may be able to add or explain anything not covered by the application.
  4. You can ask specific questions about the school and/or program.
  5. If you are a great talker and have a great vibe, you will probably have a great interview, and thus add another positive dimension to your application.


As you can see, a successful interview is a great compliment to the standard application and provides the school with a more complete picture of you.


Interviews are either held in-person on campus or at a regional office, over the phone, or via Skype.  If for some reason you cannot accommodate one method they offer, kindly request a different one that is ideal.


It is important to remember that the interview is still part of your application, so the admissions officer will ask thoughtful, yet challenging questions. Like any part of an application, it is important to prepare in advance and only put your finest foot forward; there are indeed many things to consider in anticipation of an interview. So TutorNerds has the preparation services to make your interview meet and exceed the caliber of the rest of your application.


Our admissions consultants partner with you in achieving your goals. They take into account what makes you a strong applicant and where you hope to be following the admissions process. From there, they work with you on common interview questions, ultimately performing mock interviews to immerse you in the situation. Throughout, you will discuss strategies to emphasize your strengths, experiences, and personality. And most of all, our consultants help you increase confidence in your speaking and presentation skills, even helping you choose the right attire.


Our consulting focusses on you, your goals, and your dreams throughout . Your consultant looks at each school with you to understand the benefits and detriments to each program, and how you can learn more about them in your interview. The entire process is personalized to you, and consulting sessions occur according to your schedule. TutorNerds consultants come to you, in-home, at a convenient location or via video conferencing platforms (Skype & Google+ Hangouts).  We understand that applying to college is a difficult process, but working with TutorNerds makes it easier and helps you get results.


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