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Community College Placement Tests

Community College Placement Exam Tutoring and Preparation


Community colleges are a great option for many students, younger and older, looking to make progress in their education while saving money. While community colleges have an open admission policy–that is, admission independent of merit or scholarship–they do try to regulate which students take certain classes according to academic ability. This occurs in order to prevent class overflow and to place students in an appropriate class that is doable yet still challenging. While taking the highest level math class possible immediately has some benefits, these do not outweigh the cost of poor performance, confusion, and stress. The method by which community colleges determine (or simply recommend) what courses are right for you is requiring enrollees take one or more placement tests, typically in english and math.


Within math, there are usually multiple exams of varying difficulty levels.  For example:


  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry
  • Calculus


However there is typically only one English test, with an ESL option for non-native speakers.  Students themselves are usually left to choose which level is right for them, though colleges are quite helpful in giving practice questions and class equivalency examples as a guide.

Does everyone take them?


Depending on the school, there will be different requirements for students – please check with your institution for specifics! Those not pursuing a degree of any kind (eg: a high school student taking college-level courses to get ahead) do not need to take any type of placement exam.


There are also a handful of alternatives and substitutions for a placement exam. Foremost, placement exams and certain courses from a different community college may serve as an indication of your abilities. AP English and Mathematics exams may serve the same purpose (though SAT and ACT scores generally do not). Lastly, college-level study related to English or Math can substitute.


To make the point clear: Chances are you need to take placement tests. For most students, the exam is required by the college in order to enroll in classes.


Why Students Should Seek Tutoring


Make no mistake, these exams impact your future.  Poor performance means starting your higher education on a sour note and, perhaps, a few classes behind. Most significantly, students must wait a while before retaking a placement exam–as long as TWO YEARS at some colleges. Practically speaking, that means you have one chance to do well on these tests. If you take your education seriously, these tests are a priority, and private tutoring with TutorNerds is a great investment in your success.


Our tutors have are consistently able to help students excel on community college placement tests. The reason? TutorNerds educators are highly knowledgeable in the areas you need to master for the exams. Our placement exam tutors have made entire careers out of English and/or math, emphasizing teaching and education. And much like placement exams need to be chosen specifically for you, our tutors custom tailor your preparation in order to efficiently and effectively produce results. We assess your specific needs and then outline an organized approach to bringing your skills up to the necessary caliber. Best of all, our services come to you in-home, or at a convenient location, at a time that is ideal for your schedule. With our tutors, you will increase your knowledge and improve your studying strategies for any placement test and beyond.


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