Tutoring For Your Employees, Staff & Faculty

We are happy to provide tutoring to employees at your company in either the private or classroom setting. The experience and knowledge of our academic experts will certainly boost the effectiveness of your employees, giving your business an edge over less capable competitors.

Foreign Language and ESL

A quick way to have jump ahead of the competition is to increase the linguistic capabilities of your team. Considering how condensed the global marketplace has grown to be, many companies nearly require multi-lingual skills among employees. And they’re right to do so. Let’s face it, if you can speak more languages, you can communicate with, partner with, and sell to more people. Well our foreign language experts are highly educated and in many cases are from or have spent time in countries which speak their languages or study. Not only can they educate your employees on how to speak the language, but, just as importantly, they can provide crucial insight into the corresponding cultural conventions, expressions, and etiquette so that your employees can be experts as well. Contact TutorNerds to see how our Language experts can help you.  We also have convenient Skype and Google+ Hangout options available.


Writing and Math Skills

Writing is truly the universal discipline. In what field do we not need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively? At the same time mathematics and statistics provide the fundamental skills for running a business successfully. Critical thinking are inherent in both disciplines, and so mastering both equates to higher performance in general.  If your employees would benefit in any way from a greater understanding of either of these, please call us to discuss your goals.  We are happy to work with you and provide our high quality in a way that is ideal for the needs of your company.

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