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Summer Enrichment Programs

Serious students want to achieve far above the competition. The reality of modern academics is that you’re not only competing against yourself, working toward higher grades and more efficient strategies, but you’re competing against other students.  All successful students want the best education possible. But in order to attain this, there must be a great deal of effort put forth on your own. Being a top-tier student means applying yourself beyond the scope of the classroom. Internships, research, independent projects, and simply a degree of intellectual curiosity are just a few ingredients for a highly successful student. For most students, it is ideal to incorporate these types of activities during the summer, but TutorNerds offers them year round, to students of any age.


Summer Academic Tutoring

Whether you’re taking classes to get ahead or making up for poor grades, we have the same high quality academic tutoring available during the summer. We DO NOT only tutor during the typical school calendar. Summer classes can be particularly challenging. They’re usually “accelerated”, which basically means that the teacher requires more work done per day, and will have less time to teach. Well let’s say you’re making up a class. That doesn’t sound like an ideal environment for success. Or maybe you’re taking an advanced class or even a college-level course. Again, you have to do more, difficult work, at a faster pace. Either way, the situation is not quite in your favor.  But working with a private tutor in addition can only improve your performance.  A tutor can fill in the blanks that your teacher did not have time to, and teach the material in a way that is actually personalized to you. Don’t risk falling behind–even a single day can be catastrophic in summer school. Increase your results with a tutor.


SAT/ACT Tutoring

The first ACT test occurs in late September, the SAT in early October.  It is probably not wise to wait until September to begin studying because you will have to balance test preparation with your everyday classwork.  Summer ends up being the perfect time to have your test prep sessions.  It’s convenient for you because school will generally not conflict, and you will be primed to take the fall SAT having just prepared for it.  Although it may be tempting to wait, do not  risk the extra stress or worse being unprepared.  We have SAT experts that will match with you perfectly and make preparation simple and enjoyable. Click here for more information.


Bridge Programs

We help students accel. And if you’ve just finished a successful year, you might want to get a jump start on the next one.Doing so spreads the material out over time so that you aren’t overwhelmed and gives you the opportunity to assess your skills in advance.  Let’s say you just finished Algebra II in your sophomore year and next year you’re going to take the much dreaded Math Analysis/Trigonometry. You also know that you’ll have to balance that challenging course with SAT/ACT prep, as well as other classes. Well a good option would be investing in some private tutoring for that math class (or perhaps starting SAT/ACT prep–see above).

Bridge programs work well for K-5 students especially. Elementary students need to strengthen fundamental skills more than anything, so they benefit from the constant act of learning. Think about it. You or someone you know probably has his or her children go through workbooks outside of school work. While those types of supplemental education are helpful, they aren’t personalized to the student’s needs or learning style, and they don’t necessarily have someone there who can help the student. TutorNerds bridge programs offer all of this and more, with customized learning plans and elementary-level experts, you can feel confident that your student is getting the education he or she deserves.


Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs provide you the opportunity to improve weak areas, expand your working knowledge, or simply learn something interesting. There are many ways in which TutorNerds can supplement your education, but two popular options include Writing programs and STEM programs.

We emphasize the importance of writing. All successful academics have strong writing skills, because there is simply no field where writing is not useful. You do not need to be pursuing a degree in journalism or literature to be a great writer. Consider science and engineering academics; those research papers and textbooks don’t write themselves. Yet ironically, this is a common area for students to have difficulty. And if that describes you, you need to address the problem in advance. TutorNerds has many highly educated writing experts available to help you bring your writing up to the par of your other skills.  Summer provides a great opportunity for this as you can focus your efforts exclusively on improving this fundamental skill.

The United States Department of education has made a goal of increasing the available STEM (Science Engineering Technology and Math) related jobs. The federal government will be increasing funding for STEM programs and teachers, as well as providing more opportunities for STEM-minded students. These fields are considered highly critical to human advancement and contain quite prestigious careers.  However, they are also some of the most challenging areas of study.  Being such critical, yet competitive, students must be of a high caliber in order to be competitive in the academic sphere. TutorNerds offers specialized STEM programs for these very students. We have highly educated STEM tutors who have successfully made careers out of their subject. It is a great opportunity to gain a unique experience to serve your goals.

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