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Personal Statement Development & Editing

Personal Statement and College Essay Editing

The college essay is unlike anything most high school students have done. And considering it plays a key role in deciding the next few years of your education, it is rightfully a priority for students. Considering what goes into a college application, the personal statement and/or essay portion is the only part in which you can really speak to the admissions officer. The purpose of the essay is to give you an opportunity to clarify other areas of the application, to show your uniqueness and creativity, and to actually explain why you want to and should be a part of a particular program. With these goals in mind, TutorNerds personal statement and essay editing is a great resource for anyone looking to take their application to the next level.


Personal Statement

Everyone writes at least one personal statement. There are many factors that make the personal statement unique. For one, you are writing about yourself, which is not a common parameter in high school papers. High school assignments usually pertain to a artistic or literary work or period of history. For another, there is a combination of elements and goals. It is essentially an autobiographical expository persuasive essay–oh yeah, they’re super common. You need to write about your life, your experiences, your beliefs, and your dreams. Then you need to convince someone who has never met you that you are the right fit for a limited number of spots in a program.


Other College Essays

In addition to the inevitable personal statement, schools have a variety of prompts that provoke critical analysis of yourself or something else.  Common topics might be your “heroes”, your heritage, an activity in which you participated, or your response to an event–real or fictional. These essays are equally intimidating, especially as they become more abstract (For example: “Green.” Seriously, that was a prompt at The University of Chicago.). Creativity is key here, but that needs to be balanced with the formalness of writing to an academic institution.


How We Can Help

We cannot write the essay for you, nor should you want someone to. Admissions officers and committees want to hear your voice. They want to know if you as an individual will be the right fit for the dynamic of their campus. You should take advantage of the opportunity to show your own strengths to them and only you can decide what those are.


What we can do, however, is provide guidance as to how to best express the ideas you have, the story you want to tell. Grammar, formatting, and writing conventions are the first aspect of essay editing, but you need your work to chaIs your work riddled with cliches and uninteresting language. And what ideas of yours are right for some essay in particular? These are all topics covered by our consultants and personal statement editors.


Our admissions experts are experts with years of experience helping students reach their academic goals. Many are former admissions officers themselves, so they offer a unique “insider’s” perspective. They have experience critiquing student essays from both sides – as consultants and as admissions officers. Our approach is personalized to your needs and schedules.  As with all of our services, our editors and admissions experts come to you in-home, or at a convenient location, at a time that is ideal for you. Even if you simply would like someone to go over your final drafts before you send them in, we are happy to provide our high quality advice at any stage of the process. You can be confident in a significant increase in results and a decrease in stress with TutorNerds Personal Statement and Essay Editing. You can see read more about our admissions approach here.


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