Our Faculty

Our educators boast more than just good grades, test scores, and Alma Maters.  We require all of our educators to be highly professional experts with teaching experience and proven results.  All of our employees have demonstrated an ability to succeed in their own rights.

We only match you with an EXPERT

Our educators and consultants are considered experts and insiders.  They have worked previously and been successful in their respective fields—even beyond the classroom. Our consultants have worked with admissions committees or have been members themselves.

Academic Background

We require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, and many of our staff have higher education degrees and certifications.

We require transcripts to verify their excellent grades and test scores. And we evaluate and formally assess the expertise of all applicants prior to hiring them.


We use an extensive, comprehensive interview process to ensure that applicants are pleasant and professional as well as good communicators.  There are multiple verbal interviews as well as two written aspects, minimum, to ensure that applicants are communicative and literate in all forms.

Teaching Experience

We only hire those with true teaching experience, and most have excelled in that capacity beyond the average teacher.  Our tutors have taught specialized programs and shown themselves to be leaders in education.

We demand evidence of their success with students.  Strong applicants provide us with several personal letters of recommendation from former principals and superiors.

We hire less than 2% of all applicants

This process is extensive and time-consuming, and the majority of applicants do not meet our demands.  But we feel that our students deserve a superior level of service, and this requires the highest caliber of faculty.

Customer Service

We are also proud of our academic directors and customer service staff.  They are knowledgeable about the field of academics and are qualified to answer your questions. They are patient and can recommend the most effective solutions.

We have years of experience with providing clients and students with a pleasant experience from the start.  We never use phone banks or automated answering systems.  When you call within business hours, a TutorNerds employee will answer or return your call within 24 hours.

Big Company Knowledge with Small Business Service

We have a variety of experts from many fields of study as well as an informative corporate staff.  But we never sacrifice the personalized approach that has made our clients’ experience so positive.  Every aspect of your interaction with TutorNerds will be handled by a courteous, knowledgeable, real person who has your needs in mind.


Please call us with any questions.

Getting Started!

CALL US or fill out the form to the right so that we may evaluate your situation and answer any questions. We will then match you with one of our experts. Your tutor will recommend the best strategies for you based on your goals.