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Nursing School Admissions Consulting

Nursing School Admissions Consulting

There are several different possible avenues in becoming a nurse, but all require formal education and certification. Generally speaking, the longer you are in school, the more you are qualified to do once out of school. You can pursue an associates degree, bachelors degree, or even masters and doctoral degrees in nursing. No matter which option is right for you, TutorNerds can help you maximize your potential with our academic tutoring, test preparation, and admissions consulting services with nursing school experts.

TutorNerds Admissions Experts

TutorNerds admissions faculty is composed of seasoned admissions consulting professionals. Our admissions consultants have a deep understanding of the application process and have helped hundreds of applicants get into their target programs. Most of our admissions consultants have worked on admissions committees or as advisers—many at top universities throughout the nation. They bring real life insight into the admissions process and an idea of what admissions committees and officers are looking for.

Let us give our definition of exceptional admissions consulting: Presenting you in the best possible light.  Schools need to choose you from among thousands of applicants. But their understanding of your potential is limited to what appears on the application. So the goal of TutorNerds consulting is to bring out the best version of you on the application. Our approach is highly personalized and comprehensive. TutorNerds consultants have the practical working knowledge of the field of admissions to advise you appropriately. In order to assemble the best application, it is best to start early so that our consultants have the opportunity to understand your strengths, and so you can carefully address each stage in the application process according to those strengths.

TutorNerds consultants empirically address every aspect of the admissions process, even which nursing schools would be the right fit for you. You are not left on your own with anything; consultants are experienced in all the areas you need to have a strong application.  Whether you know exactly where you want to go and what kind of nursing you want to study, or if you are entirely uninformed about the available options, we are happy and motivated to partner with you in reaching your goals.


So what goes into a nursing school application?

Admissions requirements vary from school to school, but you can count on a handful of factors to be consistent. Applications occur in two parts. Personal information, transcripts, coursework, and other basic materials go through NursingCAS (Nursing College Application Service), which distributes the information to schools. Many schools also require supplementary applications, which include a resume, essay(s), and letters of recommendation. Be sure to look into the processes of individual schools if you do research on your own. Here is a (relatively) concise summary of application components:


The Applications Themselves

Schools utilize NursingCAS, the nursing school equivalent of the Common Application, at all levels–undergraduate and graduate. In addition, there are “secondary” applications required by most schools; these are more complicated and time consuming. You need to be aware of the application requirements and deadlines for each school.  No matter where you are in the process, TutorNerds nursing school consultants can help you outline a plan for your applications, and they are fluent in all aspects of the process, so there is no unnecessary stress on you.



Your resume will outline your education and achievements over the course of your undergraduate education. You need to concisely and clearly list your academic and professional experience and explain how your experiences correlate to nursing school success. You cannot get away with using any resume, however.  Your resumes need to be tailored to each nursing school according to your goals and even their length requirements, which can be agonizingly brief. TutorNerds consultants can help you boil your resume down to highlight your strengths appropriately for each school.  Most of the following application components should be addressed on your resume.


Academic Study

Nursing programs require specific experience with science, English, and communication courses, and graduate programs prefer applicants with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Overall, you should strive for a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will prepare you for nursing school. The benefit of a consultant here is to keep your course choice in line with nursing schools of your choice, particularly if you begin planning later in your undergraduate tenure and have less time.



Nursing programs may be extremely specific in their requirements. But you can be sure that all programs are seeking high-caliber students, foremost. Being schools in the healthcare field, nursing schools are extremely selective. You will need to order official transcripts from your high school/college to apply to nursing programs. During the application cycle, consultants will be able to estimate which schools would be appropriate for you based on your goals, experience, and resume. No matter what your situation though, a TutorNerds admissions consultant can help you present yourself in the strongest way possible. If pure academic performance is a concern, consider our academic tutoring services.


Test Scores

Nursing schools require a handful of standardized tests at various points. Those applying to undergraduate nursing BSN programs probably need to take the HESI exam in addition to the SAT/ACT. Upon graduating from nursing college, the HESI often serves as an exit exam as well. For graduate programs, you probably need to take the GRE. Nursing certification at any stage requires the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). Keep in mind that delaying these exams can conflict with application deadlines–proper planning and preparation for all of these exams is a must! Working with an admissions consultant can help with organizing a schedule for addressing all of these exams. And during the application process, a consultant can help you choose ideal schools based on your performance. Your consultant will be able to help you research data for any schools you are interested in, which will provide an indication of your desired performance and scheduling.  Most students invest in test preparation of some kind, so consider TutorNerds one-on-one test preparation for any exam.


Personal Statement and Essays

The NursingCAS main application does not include a personal statement, as one might expect, but supplemental applications certainly will. Unfortunately, this could mean several different prompts and several different essays. But to be sure, any essay will essentially ask you why you want to go to nursing school or what nursing means to you. Other than the possibility of an interview, essays are your key to adding your unique personality to the application. Even so, it is still important to write for admissions committees specifically; you want to emphasize certain things and avoid others entirely. Our admissions consultants know that admissions officers ultimately want to hear your voice, so your consultant works with you to bring your ideas out in a sophisticated, academic way. And of course, you will revise many drafts so that you are left with an error free essay.


Letters of Recommendation

Supplemental applications will need you to get at least a few recommendation letters from teachers, advisors, or managers who have worked with you. It is important to ask the right people in order to get high-quality letters. You may also need to provide them with a resume (different from those of applications) so that they may write you a comprehensive, personalized letter. Everything related to receiving exceptional letters of recommendation can be addressed by our admissions experts.


Internships and Undergraduate Programs

Internships and similar programs for undergraduate give students the opportunity to have practical experiences in the nursing field. Ideally, you have the opportunity to work among actual nurses or other healthcare practitioners. Applying to such programs requires special consideration–they are quite difficult to get into. Also, it is important to emphasize certain experiences from such programs during the nursing school application process. Working with an expert will not only help you get into the best programs, but also make the best use of such programs in terms of your ultimate goal, getting into a great nursing school.  See the “pre-consulting” section below for more.



Interviews are fairly common for nursing applicants, so expect to prepare for several.  An interview is an excellent opportunity show more of your strengths to an admissions officer. In addition, interviews allow you to learn more about the program. Remember, you need to find the program that is right for you. But make no mistake, interviews are still part of your application. Admissions officers will ask you thoughtful, yet critical questions, like a verbal application essay.  With our consultants, you will be more than prepared for any interview question. You will go through common interview questions in a mock setting so that you have your ideas outlined ahead of time. Most importantly, we improve your presentation skills so that you can take on your interview with confidence.


Nursing School “Pre-Consulting”

Are you on the right track to a successful nursing school application?  TutorNerds can help you find out at any point.

Many years of planning and preparation goes into a high-caliber nursing school application. With our nursing school consulting, we don’t limit our involvement to any particular time.  We want to make you the strongest applicant possible, and that demands effort throughout your undergraduate education. Our pre-consulting services are integrated into our consulting programs so that you have help at every step of the way. Our consultants meet with you periodically, at your preference, to advise you on class selection, HESI preparation, extracurriculars, and any other necessary topics; and, equally important, they motivate you to continue to succeed. It takes a consultant who has the opportunity to get to know you as a student to give you the most accurate and applicable advice.

Struggle can come at any stage in the process. We happily help any applicant, any time. Even if you would like brief guidance along the way, or specialized help for a particularly challenging aspect, we have the expert services to make your application be unique and impactful.

You probably still have questions. Give us a call to speak with an academic director or set up a free consultation with one of our nursing school admissions experts.

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