Letter from TutorNerds

Dear Parents and Students,

Education means more than simply receiving a grade or passing a test.  It is a means by which we better ourselves through learning.  The classroom has become the primary medium by which this process occurs, but the truth is that we can achieve even more with additional mentorship outside of the classroom.

TutorNerds began in order to provide that mentorship for students.  We seek to partner with students on their academic journeys.  Our goal is to help them become more intelligent and effective individuals with the skills and confidence to continue to build upon the foundation we have established together. We offer students a high-quality service, in a pleasant and convenient environment that produces first-rate results.

We put a high standard on ourselves for providing a sophisticated yet fun and energetic atmosphere, and we believe that positive energy translates into the success and enthusiasm our students consistently show.  Students are far more likely to be successful if they enjoy the experience of their education, so our tutoring is custom-tailored based on goals, time constraints, and budget.  Your tutor will meet you at a convenient location, such as a library, a coffee house, or even in your home, at a time that is ideal for you.  Schooling provides a multitude of challenges, whether in general academics, standardized testing, or institutional admissions.  Whatever your academic goals, we have the comprehensive, holistic services to help you achieve them.

Students vary individually in learning styles, so an experienced tutoring company will specialize in bringing a personalized approach to academic assistance.  Indeed we confidently state that we are less-so tutors, in the typical sense, and more-so educators. Every TutorNerds educator and consultant has professional experience in education or admissions.  With a variety of tutors to match our variety of students, we not only help students with their material, but we teach them how to learn.  Our educators teach students to take the information and apply it further, even beyond the scope of the class.  We live and breathe the success of our students and we simply produce results.

We invite you to explore the many ways we can help you or your child.  If you have any questions, we welcome your call or email.  A live Academic Director will answer or respond within 24 hours guaranteed.

Thank you,

The TutorNerds Team

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