How to Get Better at Math?

Getting help

When struggling with math problems the worst thing one can do, apart from not practicing, is not ask for help. We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to find a teacher or a colleague that is knowledgeable about the topic and ask them to explain it to you in detail. 

Asking others for assistance with math significantly improves your skills and helps you save time otherwise wasted on struggling with problematic math areas. We strongly urge you to ask for help at all times – there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!

Asking teacher for help

Asking the teacher for help is the first best option when struggling with mathematics. Do not worry to approach them and express your uncertainties – they are aware that students cannot comprehend the material instantly.

As you value your time, teachers value theirs and usually plan their day since they are busy, so make sure to be considerate of their time and try to adjust to them. However, it is their job to help students learn so do not hesitate to ask for help.

To be as efficient as possible with your time, make sure to prepare the questions ahead of the meeting with a professor. Figure out what areas are your weakest and focus on breaking down the details. 

If you want to avoid the meeting try sending a formal e-mail instead. Make sure to start with a salutation, then focus on explaining the problem that you have, and finish off with a closing and your name. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation and create a specific subject to attract the professor’s attention.

One mistake students often make is asking for help after scoring low on the exam – at that point, it is too late. Make sure to be proactive, seek help the moment you realize you are falling behind with the material.

On the other hand, you got a bad grade and went to consult with your teacher. Make sure to enter the conversation with respect and try to ask for advice on how to improve for the future, rather than searching for an argument. Teachers may rethink the grade and notice mistakes they might have done when grading.

Hiring a math tutor

If you want to avoid asking local professors for help with math issues you can opt to find math tutors near you. There are plenty of companies, such as TutorNerds, that offer online or in-person tutoring services that can make you successful in math. 

The best way to approach this is to investigate which tutor has a good reputation and is known for making math fun. This may sound silly but a tutor than can transform dull mathematical concepts into fun math games goes a long way in terms of motivating students.

Once you locate a tutor make sure to check if he or she has any past tutoring experience, more specifically, check their knowledge level of the material you are currently struggling with. The tutor should be able to teach all concepts covered in class and ultimately help you solve the problem. 

Another useful method to assess the quality of a tutor is to track down other students he or she has tutored. By doing this you can get useful insight into how good the tutor is, what methods he uses, and how effective the whole process was. 

Finally, find yourself a tutor that has no trouble with communicating math concepts. Having effective communication skills means the tutor knows how to explain problems in the best way that works for you. The goal is to feel comfortable with your tutor! 

Finding another person as a study partner

The first option many students resort to is pairing up with a classmate who possesses good math knowledge. Creating a team like this ensures a boost in performance and good grades. Note that you should pair with a person who complements you, meaning perhaps not your best friend!

Find a person that is kind and eager to help out without feeling pressured into studying with you. The key is to create a pleasant learning environment and a fun one as well! A study partner can help you with crucial details like remembering due dates or having quizzes with each other to improve quick thinking.

By having a study partner, students can brainstorm much more information in a short period which can turn into a potential topic for an essay. Additionally, the two can switch papers and grade each other before assignment due dates.

Your partner can be useful during times when you get sick. You can arrange for them to pick up your assignments that are due to turn in or to explain the lecture you have missed in class. Also, a good partner can offer a calculator or a ruler in case you forget to bring yours.

Finally, having a study partner helps students with motivation and encourages them to be proactive and procrastinate less. Moreover, by sharing strengths students can explain the material to each other when one is falling behind or they can divide work when doing research. 

Finding online course

This is one of the best methods to get better at math for students who are having difficulties keeping up with the course material. Online courses enable students to learn at their own pace and not fall behind on class material. Not only that, but online courses can offer a personalized learning approach. 

Classroom teachers set the teaching pace according to the average student. However, online courses allow students to learn at their own pace by creating a flexible environment through skipping already mastered content and pausing or repeating weak areas to help students focus on them more.

Some students have an easy time learning on their own but others are not always capable of that. Online courses can focus on the individual and that way shape the instruction. Teachers can figure out students’ weak spots and invest their efforts more effectively. 

Online courses reduce peer-to-peer interactions and create a minimal social distraction environment. Although it is controversial, minimizing peer socialization can improve students’ effectiveness by removing distractions such as bullying, rivalries, or even flirtations.

Through online courses, teachers can use innovative methods of teaching that can be more effective for certain students than regular ones. Utilizing online teaching software helps students learn in interactive and fun ways and boost their motivation and engagement. 


Finding new ways to study and having professors or study partners help you with understanding the course material is only fruitful if students practice on their own. Visual memorization plays a big role in getting better at math as students remember solutions to problems by redoing them in the past.

Math is all about learning by doing, in other words, by reviewing problems and constantly practicing students begin to comprehend concepts and learn new ways of completing tasks.

Practicing each day (time management)

To master math concepts, it is of essence to make a study plan and define when to study based on your other activities. Try to decide on a portion of the material and a time that can be replicated each day to form a habit. This is more effective than practicing for a test a couple of days before. 

To avoid procrastination, it is necessary to create a schedule with deadlines that take place before the actual deadline. This way if students procrastinate it will not be as harmful. Also, make sure to create mini-deadlines along the studying process as well as to take breaks to boost focus. 

To become successful in math students must stay organized by combining study plans and schedules and putting them in writing. This creates an agenda that can help memorize tasks to come and due dates. Feel free to reward yourself with time off every time you complete big tasks. 

Understanding concepts behind math

The first concept is understanding the equality in math when one thing is mathematically the same as the other. The equal sign creates an equation that connects two expressions that have the same value. 

Combining algebra, the study of equations, and geometry, the study of figures, is another important math concept. This helps draw solutions to variables x and y in equations as points, circles, lines on a graph.

The Pi (π) symbol is used to express the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is important as it exists everywhere in math; it is used to measure the size of angles in triangles. Also, it is an infinite number that does not equal any fraction. 

The quality of endlessness called infinity () is a commonly used math concept that holds great importance. Isaac Newton managed to define it with a concept of ‘limit’ which is used to figure out what happens with numbers that approach infinity. 

Distraction-free environment

Studying is only as effective as one can keep their focus on the material. Students tend to ‘study’ for hours and still get bad grades because they get distracted by the environment around them. Being exposed to objects such as TVs, consoles, PCs, and phones creates a drag effect and pulls students towards these objects. 

Moreover, people conversing and various other environmental noises can also significantly lower the effectiveness of a study session. Here are some tips on how to create a suitable environment for effective studying.

Firstly, it would be beneficial to deal with hunger as it helps with keeping the concentration up. Physical needs like these will slowly build up and eventually force students to give in, therefore it is best to take care of them before studying.

The mobile phone provides many useful features but it is of essence to differentiate when it is useful and when it is a major distraction. By simply turning on ‘Do not disturb’ mode, students’ can significantly boost their productivity as no messages or phone calls will create distractions.

Students should figure out what environment suits them the most. If noise is key, try creating a playlist without using YouTube or Spotify to maximize your efforts. On the other hand, distance yourself from devices that distract you and find a calm area. You can also purchase noise-canceling headphones or get a white noise app. 

This is a major one as students tend to experience burnout due to over-studying. Try studying for 30 minutes and then take a short break to have a snack or to check social media. This strategy unburdens the mind and prepares them for the next study session.  

Check the answers carefully

Math is complicated not only for having to know problem types but because they have to be done right to get a correct answer. Stress and nervousness can cause an error without students noticing. 

The majority of problems have multiple steps and making one mistake along the way results in a wrong answer. By mastering basic math, students can recognize the mistake and not waste time redoing the whole problem again.

To reduce the odds of making a mistake during the calculation try learning how to do steps carefully. This can be done through practice for tests as the steps will become clearer. Try timing yourself and take note of where and how many mistakes you are making.

Apart from learning to be careful with each step, students can double-check each calculation as they do them. Having more correct than incorrect answers encourages students to create a habit of double-checking which boosts focus.

Review incorrect answers

Mistakes are a part of life, but they are only useful if we learn to get the meaning out of them. The same goes with math, it is crucial to find out where you make mistakes to improve on them and make sure not to repeat them. What caused the mistake to occur?

Not having enough time can be a problem of poor time management. Time yourself during a practice test and note how many problems you completed in time and how many are left.  During the test, you can skip the final questions in each section as these are probably the hardest, allowing you to complete easier ones first.

Commonly, students rush to answer problems and do not read questions thoroughly. This causes many to fail their exams as being too quick helps with overlooking important details. To combat this, try writing out the information or simply underlining important parts.

Another common mistake students have with problems is not understanding their content or the procedure. There is no way around this, it is important to practice problems. Make sure to identify the type of question first and then review class notes and textbooks to find the solution.

The main culprit of incorrect answers is rushing headlong. This applies to questions as well as to writing down answers. Misreading questions, solving wrong values, and making quick calculations can all lead to failure. Pace yourself and learn to stay calm during a test.

Doing homework

Another form of practice is doing homework regularly. Through homework, students can grasp mathematical concepts much faster as they are exposed to many variations of the same problem. Perhaps some even invent a new way of solving the problem!

Doing homework improves critical thinking making students focus more on understanding problems and context. Math homework allows them to explore different meaningful solutions by employing their creative side.

Working on math homework exercises problem-solving skills which are very important as they increase the ability to retain large amounts of information. Combining memory and logic develops mental agility. crucial for problem-solving.

Completing math homework regularly means students mastered the material and are capable of the subject. Being constantly exposed to problems boosts their confidence and strengthens their skills needed to pass exams

Finally, by practicing math problems, students slowly develop their learning style and self-discipline. They become motivated to solve problems on their own and learn how to properly manage time in the process.


And that’s it! With this article, TutorNerds presented our list of tips for math learning that we use to inspire many successful students over the years. Hopefully, this article sparked your interest in how to get better at math and we hope to hear from you in the future.

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