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Latin Tutoring

Learning Latin, like any foreign language, is about recognizing broad rules and patterns initially. But quickly students are exposed to several exceptions to the “rules” of the language. There is significant risk with students who fail to master even one, seemingly insignificant, portion of Latin. Language rules tend to build upon one another. And so where a student might at first have been only slightly confused by one topic, he or she may then become entirely lost at the introduction of the next. It’s not uncommon for the confusion to snowball.

Trouble with foreign languages, as we have mentioned, is that there are the basic rules, and then many exceptions. The biggest error might be that students simply do not know that they are making errors–they use the main rules when the particular word or sentence was an exception. The problem then is that these students either simply needed someone to go over their work with them, or they were actually trying to teach themselves the material!  As you can imagine, the results for most students are less than effective. But you can certainly fix that, making their experience more efficient, and more enjoyable. Invest in your child’s success with a TutorNerds private Latin tutor.

All of our Latin tutors have succeeded in providing these exact benefits to their students. Our tutors come to you at a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for you. TutorNerds are guaranteed to provide a pleasant and exciting teaching experience from the first session. They first assess student strengths and areas of improvement, and then recommend a comprehensive learning plan according to your individual goals.  Our Latin tutors use highly effective teaching strategies to make the all topics easy to remember and apply. Tutors integrate the material into the most effective studying methods for you!

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How We Select high quality Latin tutors:

  • Multiple interviews
  • Assessments and mock tutoring sessions
  • Thorough background check

How Tutors give you high quality service:

  • Teach you the material in a way that fits your learning style
  • Give you study methods, strategies, and additional materials
  • Customize a comprehensive learning plan for your goals
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