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HSPT Tutoring

HSPT Tutoring & Test Preparation


The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is an assessment used by certain high schools to as an admissions and/or class placement determinate. The test is designed by Scholastic Testing Services (STS), Inc., but is provided and administered by each individual high school that uses it. As such, signing-up, scoring requirements, and other logistical aspects are handled by the high schools.


Exam sections include:


  • Verbal
  • Quantitative
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Language Skills


The total duration is around 2 hours and 30 minutes.


The exam is typically given to eighth grade students (again, check with your local schools). Eighth grade might seem early to consider your student’s “academic career”, but today even early high school classes impact college opportunities. Also, high-caliber high school classes (AP’s and IB’s, for example) may exempt students from certain classes at the university level or accelerate them to higher-level classes


Generally, students are not permitted to retake the exam.  And unlike other standardized exams (eg: SAT, ACT), there are no official practice questions provided by STS. While your standard classes are intended to be adequate preparation, the fact is that some students want to be more than adequate. And walking into the exam totally unfamiliar with the format and style of questions can be a detriment for students. Private tutoring for the HSPT is the ideal option for students who want to excel in high school and beyond.


Our tutors have are consistently able to help students excel on the HSPT.  The reason? TutorNerds educators are highly knowledgeable in the areas you need to master for the exams. Our placement exam tutors have made entire careers out of english and/or math, emphasizing teaching and education. Our tutors custom tailor your preparation in order to efficiently and effectively produce results. We assess your specific needs and then outline an organized approach to bringing your skills up to the necessary caliber. Best of all, our services come to you in-home, or at a convenient location, at a time that is ideal for your schedule.  With our tutors, you will increase your knowledge and improve your studying strategies for any placement test and beyond.

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