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Irvine Academic Tutor Tips: How to Beat Senioritis

Follow These Tips From an Irvine Academic Tutor to Beat Senioritis


During the last month of school, it’s tempting for seniors to feel like they’re already on vacation and forget about what’s going on in the classroom, including some very important issues that could potentially affect their future. Students who will be on scholarship need to maintain a certain GPA and students who have conditional college admissions letters (which is nearly everybody) need to keep those grades and test scores up in order to continue with their plans for this fall. Senioritis is normal and has been happening for generations but, it’s important for students to stay focused on these next couple of weeks and remember that school is still in session.

1. Maintain a regular after-school schedule

It’s essential for students to make their after-school study schedule a priority until they take their last final exam. That means coming home or going to the library and studying, as usual, continuing to meet with their tutor, and staying away from friends who are skipping homework to start summer early. Maintaining a regular schedule also includes taking a reasonable amount of breaks and having enough downtime for the brain to recharge in order to finish the school year strong. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed at this point in the year, and students are encouraged to make relaxation a priority in between study sessions (READ: 10 Reasons You Need an Irvine Summer Tutor).

2. Keep your eye on the prize

When seniors become tempted to ditch responsibility in favor of summer activities, it’s important to remind them of everything they have achieved in order to get to where they are today. This includes getting excited about attending college in the fall. Talking about academic programs and major fields of study might be overwhelming at this point, so it’s better to focus on the fun aspects of university life such as finding a student apartment, looking at social clubs and organizations to join, or focusing on social and entertainment activities that take place on campus. Students who remember the big picture are more likely to be able to stick with high school academics for these next couple of weeks.

3. Continue to work with your tutor

Part of avoiding senioritis includes maintaining regular sessions with a private tutor. Students should continue to work with their tutor in order to stay organized through the end of the year and also focus on final exams as well as any final projects that are due the very last week of school. Working with a one-on-one tutor on a regular basis forces students to stay on track and be held accountable for assignments they haven’t yet completed (READ: Tips From an Irvine Tutor: 5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace Your Finals).

4. Make study social

Students who are tempted to socialize in lieu of completing homework assignments at this point in the year are encouraged to make their study time social in order to ensure academic success. There’s nothing wrong with working in a group just so long as each student is committed to doing well on final exams and completing any individual assignments. Students should consider working as part of a study group when focusing on subjects they generally do pretty well in and just need the motivation to stay focused or review. On the other hand, they might be better off studying solo or with their tutor when it comes to that one challenging topic they generally need extra help with.

Want to beat senioritis? Our private Irvine academic tutors are here to help you end your high school years on a high note. Call TutorNerds today to book your private Irvine tutor.

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Orange County SAT Tutor Tips: The Summer SAT

Tips From an Orange County SAT Tutor: 4 Ways to Study for the Summer SAT


Right now, most students are focused on last-minute study for advanced placement exams as well as final study for all of their courses. However, students who signed up for the summer sat will have to hit the ground running as soon as they complete the requirements of their classroom assignments. Although it can be a challenge for students to take the SAT exam over the summer, they’re saving themselves a lot of stress by getting it out of the way before fall. Additionally, students who take college entrance exams in the summer months will have the chance to avoid dealing with classroom work at the same time. The most important thing is that students can stay focused and remember that the results of their SAT can make a big difference when it comes time to apply for college – our experienced Orange County SAT tutors are here to help.

1. Identify strengths and weaknesses

The first thing students should do is identify which sections of the SAT they need to work on the most. One of the best ways to achieve this is by taking a practice test, which will give students an idea of how they scored in each section and how it adds up to an overall composite score. Students are encouraged to try to score the test themselves so they can see how the scoring system works and identify which problems they got wrong. They can then share the results of the exam with their Orange County SAT tutor who can help them identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

2. Time management

Test prep students are also encouraged to create a plan for the day they commence their SAT study and the actual date of the test. The ideal study plan will allow time for students to focus on areas of improvement as well as do a general review of the topics they usually excel at. They should also allow time for breaks, so they don’t get overwhelmed and also have a couple of extra study sessions in their schedule just in case something unexpected comes up (READ: TutorNerds Featured in Orange County Mom Blog).

3. A clear goal

Students should have a goal in mind before starting their SAT prep. They are encouraged to talk with their college counselor as well as do some independent research in regards to the average score for an admitted student at the colleges and universities they are interested in applying to. They can then compare this to the score they got on their first practice test. Once students know where they stand they can plan their study sessions around the number of points they want to increase to have a good chance of admittance.

4. Math practice

Whether a student is naturally talented with numbers or if they try to avoid math at all costs, the reality of the SAT requires a fair amount of math practice. The top things students should focus on include memorizing formulas, practicing multiple-step problems, checking their work for accuracy, and working under pressure. There is not an excessive amount of time on the big day so students should learn how to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t wait to book your Orange County private SAT tutor for the summer! Call us today for more information.

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Tips From an Irvine Tutor: 5 Last-Minute Tips to Ace Your Finals

Irvine Private Tutoring Tips: 5 last-minute tips to ace your finals


Finals are just around the corner, and many students are scrambling to finish their study sessions on time. Because students will take several tests in one week, finals study can become overwhelming very quickly, and students may experience high levels of stress. The amount of work a student has to do will vary based on their grade level and the subjects that they find most challenging. However, there are some universal tips and tricks that students can use to ace their finals even if they’re starting their study sessions last minute – it’s never too late to book your private Irvine tutor for finals.

1. Get organized

The first thing every student should do is get organized. This is especially true for students who are starting their study sessions late in the game. Organization might take a few minutes up front, but it can save students from so many problems later on. The 5 or 10 extra minutes are worth it. Students will know what it is they have to work on the most, which things they have to study first, and which things they need to talk about with their tutor.

2. Look at your current grades

Students should also look at their current grades in each class before commencing their finals study. The grade they have in the class going into the final may determine how much time they spend studying for the final exam. Students going into the final with an A will probably be more relaxed whereas students going into the final with a C or C- may want to put in the extra time to get a high score on the final exam (READ: Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: Why Students Struggle With English).

3. Determine how much each final exam is worth

Many teachers count their final exams as a full 10% or 20% of the class grade. That means the student’s overall grade in the course could change by a full letter based on how well they do on just one exam. On the other hand, some teachers make their final exam worth almost nothing, and others will give take-home exams or assign a research paper instead of a test. It’s important for students to know what they’re getting into before they dedicate time to a particular course of study.

4. Find out if the exam is cumulative

Before starting final study students should also determine whether or not the final exam in each class is cumulative. Cumulative means that the final exam covers the entire year and, generally, everything is fair game for the test. Some teachers will have their final exam cover information from just after the midterm up until the last day of class instruction while others still will have the final exam cover only certain chapters or sections of the course. It’s essential to know what to study before studying it.

5. Prioritize

Students should also sit down with their tutor and prioritize what they need to study. If they have always been an A+ student in English and literature classes, they may only need to do a simple review of that course. Alternatively, if a student has always struggled to achieve a C in their science courses, they will probably need to do some pretty intensive study before finals week. Prioritizing can make a huge difference in any student’s success when it comes to final exams.

Don’t wait to book your Irvine tutor for finals! Call TutorNerds today and we will pair you with one of our experienced Irvine tutors.

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Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: Why Students Struggle in English

Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: 4 Reasons Students Struggle in English Class


It’s essential that students perform well in English classes because this will be the basis of many of the things they will do throughout their K through 12 and college experience. Students also utilize English composition skills throughout their careers as a communication tool. Many students struggle with English and, although each student is an individual, there are some universal things that students tend to struggle with – call us today for more information on our private Irvine English tutoring.

1. Spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar in the English language don’t always make sense. There are tons of rules, and tons of opportunities to break the rules within a specific context. Many students get bogged down by all of the different ways they can misspell or fail to communicate something on an assignment or paper. Some students feel so anxious about this that they can’t get started. Luckily, today’s student has a wide variety of study tools to turn to that can help them create paragraphs that flow well, make sense, and get the point across. Whether students are running spell check, using grammar apps, or working with a private tutor, they should be able to improve spelling and grammar issues in no time.

2. Too many chapters

One of the most common complaints students have is that there’s just too much reading to do in one day. Some students can speed read through several chapters while others need more time to sound out words and comprehend what is going on with the plot and characters. Students might struggle with novels or with nonfiction text they read in any class. One of the things students can do is get a syllabus from the teacher ahead of time, so they can go at their own pace without falling behind. Students can also work with a private Irvine English tutor to help with reading comprehension so they can work more efficiently.

3. Writer’s block

Almost every student will suffer from writer’s block at some point. Whether students are trying to come up with a thesis, analyze works of fiction, or respond to a specific prompt, it can be really hard to get started. One of the best ways students can approve this issue is to write a detailed outline with bullet points, so they know what they’re supposed to write about at each turn. Students should also focus on writing, and just writing in the beginning and not worry so much about having great sentence structure or perfect grammar. They can always go back later and fix these things as part of the editing process (READ: Irvine Tutoring: Five Ways to Get Your Kid to Love Reading).

4. Dense works of fiction

Most students will receive a reading list in which some of the books are a little bit denser than others. Many students have trouble relating to characters who lived centuries ago or understanding the context of the period. Students may also find that verbose paragraphs make it more difficult to understand what’s going on. Many authors feel that it takes 200 words to explain something that only needed 20. One-on-one tutors can be helpful in this situation because they explain what’s going on during the period, talk about what the characters’ lives would have been like, and help students understand how to make their thought process more concise.

Are you struggling in English class? Our private Irvine English tutors are here to help. Call us today to book your tutor.

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Tips From a Fullerton Tutor: 4 Articles to Help Prep for Finals

Fullerton Private Tutoring Tips: These 4 Articles Will Help You Prep for Finals


As we enter the final stretch of the school year, it’s essential that students stay focused. Leaving finals prep until the last minute puts your whole year of hard work in jeopardy. We encourage students to start preparing for finals as soon as possible. Now is the time to work with your teacher and private Fullerton tutor to go over any course material you struggled with before. If you didn’t master the content the first time around, odds are you won’t learn it by staying up the night before your test.

1. 5 Ways to Cope With A Finals Week Meltdown

Summer break is so close you can almost see it. Sadly, there’s a stack of books blocking your view. No need to panic. Our private Fullerton tutors have all had success in academics, and they can all attest to the benefits of staying calm during finals week. Here are some tips to avoid a meltdown. Click here to read!

2. Irvine Tutoring: 5 Tips for Success on a Literature Final Exam

Have you read all required reading for your literature class? What, no!? Get on it! In the meantime, check out our five tips for success on a literature final written by one of our private Irvine literature tutors. From the article: “There are several things students can work on to improve their technique when it comes to studying literature. For the most part, students can work on comprehension, annotation, reading efficiency, and identify key information.” Click here to read. 

3. Finals Prep: Why You Should Book Your Private Tutor Now

Okay, this might sound like a plug, but hear us out. TutorNerds has your best interests in mind, and we feel that it’s never too soon to start prepping for finals. Where do you start? Are you prioritizing the right things? Are you organized? A private tutor can take the frantic and turn it into a plan. Click here to read the article.

4. What to Do If You Failed Your Final Exam

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but we wanted to let you know that TutorNerds has your back through success and failure. If you were to fail an exam, the most important thing is to stay calm and commit to improving. Click here for the article (let’s hope you won’t have to).

Now that you have the tools to start prepping exams, it’s time to get to work. Just remember, you’ll enjoy summer break that much more if you end the year strong with improved grades and high exam scores. Good luck!

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College Decisions: 3 Things to Think About

3 Things to Think About when Focusing on College Decisions


Students will soon find out which colleges they were accepted to and have a huge decision to make. They need to think about campus life, quality of teaching staff, a living situation, financial issues, and career choice. It’s overwhelming for students to make a decision that will affect the next four years of their life, so it’s important they take a step back and look at the big picture. Spring is a stressful time during the school year as it is but seniors have even more to worry about. However, choosing a college should also be fun and exciting, and students are encouraged to remember all of the achievements they made to get where they are right now – our experienced college admissions consultants are here to help with all of our college decisions.

1. Campus Life

Seniors should think about what their life will be like on campus before making a final decision. Does the college guarantee a dorm for freshman? Where will they live sophomore through senior year? Is affordable housing available near campus? Students should also think about social and networking opportunities on campus. Will they be able to network with other students within the same major? Does the college offer on-campus organizations that advocate for specific groups, such as women in business or minorities going into law or engineering? If a student has a special need will they be able to work with an advocate on campus? Even simple issues, such as a meal plan or fun places to hang out in between classes is an important part of every student’s college decision.

2. Quality of teaching staff

Professors and instructors will play a huge role in every college student’s education. Does the college make it a point to hire as many full-time instructors as they can afford? In this case, teaching staff will be focused more on their students and maintain a reasonable schedule. Are professors more focused on research? Are most classes taught by a TA? If so, what is the ratio between TA and student? Does the University hire mostly adjunct instructors who will be leaving campus straight after class to teach at another university in another city? Quality of teaching staff includes experience and education but also the number of time instructors have available to spend with students (Irvine AP Tutor Tips: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams).

3. Career counseling

Most applicants think about the four years they will be attending a particular university but, starting a career seems too far into the future. One of the main points of going to college is to have adequate job placement opportunities upon graduation and make a good salary in a field that the student is excited about. As a result, career counseling is an essential part of a good university. What sort of career counseling does the university offer, if any? Does the college offer intern placement assistance or job placement assistance upon graduation? How many graduates receive a full-time job offer in their field within a year or so of graduation? Students are encouraged to think ahead when it comes to college and career.

Our private Orange County college admissions consultants have a 97% success rate. Call us today for more information and to book your consultant.

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Orange County Mom Blog: TutorNerds Shares Post-Spring Break Tips

TutorNerds Gives Post-Spring Break School Tips in Orange County Mom Blog Guest Post


Spring break is a welcome interruption from what’s about to be one of the busiest times of the school year. As students gear up for finals, AP exams, ACT & SAT testing, it’s important for them to get back into the academic mindset after a week of sun and fun.

Our private Orange County tutors are all highly-educated mentors who learned how to balance school and personal time, and they’re more than happy to help current students get back on track. For instance, one of our private English tutors, Robyn, wrote up a helpful article for our friends at the Orange County Mom Blog titled “4 Ways to Get Your Kids Back on Track After Spring Break”.

Why is it crucial for students to stay focused this time of year? Because summer is getting closer, and student’s motivation can start to fade. In the words of Robyn,

“When kids come back from a week away from school, they are often not as focused on classroom work and assignments. Also, at this point in the year students start thinking more about summer and less about school. Whether in kindergarten or 12th grade, every student will have assignments to complete by the end of the academic year. How focused a student is will play a role in exams and quizzes they take as well as their overall GPA. There are some great ways to help get kids back on track after spring break, so they can be successful and finish the year strong.”


TutorNerds only hires the best and brightest tutors in SoCal. Our tutors care about the communities in which they work (and many grew up and went to school), which is why they try to help students out in any way they can. From private tutoring to helpful articles such as this one, TutorNerds is here to help you succeed. Book your private Orange County tutor today!

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4 Great Ways to Organize Your Time in High School

San Diego Tutoring Tips: 4 Great Ways to Organize Your Time in High School

Once in high school students will have a lot more things to do than they did as a middle school student. 9th graders will have a big adjustment in the amount of homework they have and what’s expected of them from the teacher and, once they get into the college prep years, students will also be working on advanced placement courses and test prep. Time management becomes more and more important as students progress towards graduation and can also make a big difference in a student’s stress level. Check out these four great ways students can organize their time during High School – book your high school San Diego private tutor today.

1. Make a plan for the month.

It’s important for students to know what’s going on in the next 30 days in regards to due dates and assignments. Students might have one week where they think they don’t have anything going on at all but forgot that they have two papers due in three weeks time. They could have easily spent their free afternoons writing outlines and formulating a thesis if they had looked ahead in their syllabus. By sitting down and getting organized at the beginning of each month, students can better organize and start preparing for long-term due dates, something that will become especially important once they start taking AP classes (Irvine AP Tutor Tips: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams).

2. Prioritize

It’s also important for high school students to start prioritizing the amount of time they spend on a particular assignment and which one gets done first. Students can start by looking at due dates and finish assignments with earlier due dates first. They should also look at their assignments regarding points. For instance, if an extra credit assignment is worth two points and a research paper is worth 20, students are encouraged to work on the research paper first. Students can also think about which assignments they can complete when their mind is a little bit tired and which ones will require undivided focus.

3. Take adequate breaks

Part of planning a study session is scheduling time for breaks. Students don’t work efficiently if they are mentally fatigued, hungry, or have not yet had a chance to exercise. Students may also need mental breaks when switching from one subject to another. It can be a challenge to switch from an algebra assignment to analyzing literature without taking a few minutes to shake off one subject and prepare for the other. Students should avoid spending time online during their break because this is still draining their brain of valuable concentration. Rather, students should get up from their desk and walk around, get some fresh air, a healthy snack, or a drink of water.

4. Avoid unnecessary distractions

When students are distracted, they tend to draw out their study sessions much longer than is necessary. A student who is 100% focused on the task at hand might get an assignment done in an hour while another student working on the same assignment might take an hour and a half or two hours if they are distracted by social media, their phones, friends, or excessive noise. The biggest distraction for students these days is social media. High school students are encouraged to stay off Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when they are working on important assignments. If students have pop-up notifications, they should turn these off before sitting down to complete an important assignment. Some students can work in a group and still maintain a high level of focus, but others may need to work solo when it comes to challenging homework.

Our in-home San Diego tutoring will help you succeed in high school. Call us today for more information.

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Four Tips to Find Great Research Sources Online

How to Find Great Research Sources Online


Every student will do research for a paper or classroom assignment and will need to find some of these sources online. At first, online research seems like it would be easier than searching through a brick-and-mortar library because students can work on their computer in the convenience of their own home. However, looking for good sources online can become overwhelming pretty quickly because the Internet is filled with all sorts of information that is not necessarily appropriately sourced or written by an expert. It’s important that students find the right information that can help them support their thesis or complete their assignment. There are several ways students can find great resources online using these tips.

1. Look for the author or publisher

Students should first consider who the author is and if they have any expertise in the subject, they are writing about. If students are looking for sources for a science paper, they should determine whether or not the author has a background in science, a degree in this subject, or even a particular interest in what they’re writing about. Students should also consider the publisher. Is this a well-known science magazine that has been published for years? Is it a personal opinion blog? What else has the publisher put online recently?

2. Is the information sourced?

The second thing students should look at is whether or not the information presented in the publication has been appropriately sourced. If students are reading about current events, for example, they are encouraged to look for quotes or source material at the bottom of the publication. If the information isn’t sourced, then it’s the author’s personal opinion. Students should consider how important it is that they use quotes and sources in their papers and that it’s as important that the author they’re reading about source any information that didn’t come from their mind (READ: San Diego Tutoring Tips: Ways to Improve Concentration).

3. Fact versus opinion

Students need to learn the difference between a stated fact and an author’s opinion. An excellent source will provide a balanced opinion which does not try to sway the reader but rather presents information from multiple perspectives and allows the reader to come up with an opinion of their own. There might be multiple sides to a news story, and there can be multiple interpretations of a piece of literature, for example. Students need to know the difference, so they don’t read about somebody’s opinion and think it’s a fact. Facts can always be confirmed through outside sources while opinions can come from anywhere.

4. Common knowledge and subject-specific knowledge

Students also need to determine the difference between common knowledge, something that does not need to be quoted, and subject-specific knowledge, which will need a quotation or source. A great example of common knowledge is that the Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 4th, 1776. This is considered to be something that everybody knows thus students are not required to provide a quote. On the other hand, if a student is writing about the significance of automobiles in the novel The Great Gatsby, they will need to provide a quotation or source to support their interpretation. This is a subject-specific situation that is not considered to be something every single person is already aware of.

Our private Costa Mesa tutors are here to help you succeed in any subject. Call us today to book your tutor.

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4 Ways to Come up With a Great Thesis Statement

Fullerton Private Tutor Tips: 4 ways to Come Up With a Great Thesis Statement


Whether a student is writing a paper for a science course or literature class, they will be faced with writing several thesis statements throughout their high school career. It can be a real challenge to stare at a blank piece of paper and formulate a thesis that will earn a student an A paper from the teacher. However, there are some great tips and tricks that will help students in any course come up with a great thesis statement and learn how to refine it so their paper will be clear, concise, and interesting to read – our private Fullerton tutoring will help you improve your writing.

1. Start asking questions

One of the first things student writers should do is start asking themselves the questions they will need to answer throughout their paper. Why did a particular character in a novel react a certain way? Why did the plot take a sudden twist? There are lots of different ways students can start analyzing a piece of literature, and they can start by asking themselves questions about things they don’t quite understand. If students are in a science or history course, they can look into cause and effect or the scientific method. Is students are stuck they can ask themselves who, what, when, where, and why. This can help them get their thoughts organized and get the creative juices flowing.

2. Don’t worry too much

Many students worry that their initial thesis statement won’t be perfect, and this will most certainly be true. Nearly every writer will need to refine their statement into a second or third draft. Students should not be so focused on whether or not their first statement is amazing; rather they should just get something written down on paper to start refining it and move on to the next step. Worrying about being perfect is one of the leading causes of writer’s block for any writing, but especially academic writing that needs to be well organized and concise.

3. Write an outline

Students often skip writing an outline because they feel it is a waste of time. In fact, writing an outline is an incredibly helpful way to start formulating a thesis statement as well as a well-written paper on the whole. It’s important that each paragraph goes back to the thesis statement and stays within the confines of the main idea. When students are writing an outline they will be able to go through a checklist to see if their paper meets all of the requirements before they put in hours of writing and editing. Many students can write their thesis paragraph, as well as their entire paper, by expanding their detailed outline. As a result they’ll have a rough draft in no time (READ: Irvine AP Tutor Tips: 4 Ways to Prep for AP Exams).

4. Focus on originality

Students are encouraged to think about whether or not a potential thesis has an original spin. If they’re writing something that the teacher has read about over and over again, it’s hard to make the paper interesting and stick out among the crowd. If a student writer can come up with an original spin, something that has to do with their interpretation of the learning material, they will come up with a much more interesting thesis that will lead to an overall better paper and possibly a better grade.

It’s not too late to book your spring Fullerton private tutor from TutorNerds. Call us today for more information.

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