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Fullerton Tutoring Tips: 4 Tips For Staying Focused in the Classroom

Stay Focused in Class With These 4 Tips From a Fullerton Tutor

Once the thrill of being back in the classroom has faded, students face the challenge of staying focused. Paying attention in class is crucial for retention of information. Further, it’s a mistake to assume whatever the teacher is talking about in class can be found somewhere in the textbook. Teachers expect students to listen during their lectures and will include that information on tests and in homework – remember to book your private Fullerton tutor early in the year.

No matter how important the lecture is, every student has at least one class in which they struggle to pay attention. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of enthusiasm for the subject matter or an unusually lethargic teacher. Other times, life gets in the way and vies for your attention. Say you’re on the football team and you’re playing your rivals on Friday night. How can you possibly think about math with something as big as that on the horizon? It is possible, and students would be foolish to not put every effort they can into listening to their teachers.

As a private Fullerton tutor, I’ve learned some great tips to help students stay focused in the classroom.

1. Ask questions

What’s every student’s worst nightmare? Being called on in class to answer a question or give an opinion when you are busy daydreaming. Stay engaged and don’t get caught on the spot by asking questions. If you don’t understand something, ask your teacher to explain differently. Curious about something that is not covered? Ask away! By asking questions, the class will feel more like a discussion and less like a lecture.

2. Be careful where you sit

It’s always a treat to walk into the first day of a new class and see a friendly face sitting in one of the desks. Having a friend in the same class can be beneficial when you need a study buddy or someone to vent to, but don’t let your friend become a distraction. If you can’t focus while sitting next to your friend, be honest with them and move closer to the front. If your grades are on the line, they will understand.

3. If your laptop is too distracting, put it away

Some classes allow you to use your laptops to take notes. While a laptop can offer organized and legible notes, it can also lead to distraction. If you find yourself chatting with friends via messenger or checking your emails, it’s best just to put the laptop away and take notes the old-fashioned way (READ: Fullerton Writing Tutor: 4 Sits That Will Help You Become a Better Writer).

4. Eat well and sleep well

This tip is a little easier said than done. Students have busy schedules, which leads to less than desirable amounts of sleep. Take advantage of when your schedule isn’t so hectic and catch up on your sleeping. Prepare things like your lunch, outfit, etc. the night before so you can sleep in a little. Also, don’t forget to eat. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where food is always available, don’t skip out on a meal. Few things can be more distracting in the classroom than an empty stomach.

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Four Tips For Your First Week Back to School

Make the Most of Your First Week Back to School With These Four Tips


It starts with a commercial in July. Wait, did they say something about back to school? Couldn’t be possible, it’s too early. Next, you see school supplies popping up at CVS and Target. You start to panic. Is summer over? Just like that, it’s time to prepare for a new school year. Though it is sad to see summer go, back to school is an exciting time of year. You get to find out who is in your classes, school activities such as sports start back up, and you get a fresh start. No matter how the previous year went, a new school year is the perfect opportunity to set a new standard of success.

Here are four tips from a private Orange County academic tutor for your first week back to school!

1. Book a private tutor

Too many students wait until their first report card to seek help. The last thing you want to do is get behind early in your classes. For this reason, we recommend booking a private academic tutor during your first week. Students are often a little rusty in the fall, so it’s essential to have a little extra help brushing up on what you learned the previous year as well as getting ahead on new course material. Remember that teachers can’t wait for every student to catch up before moving on, they have schedules they must stick to. A private Orange County tutor is the perfect way to stay on top of your schoolwork from the first week and beyond.

2. Create a master calendar

Students will most likely receive a detailed course syllabus from each teacher. Programs will often include due dates, test dates, and other important deadlines. At the end of your first week, take an hour to put all critical dates into a master calendar, which you will check every day, or at least every Monday. Once coursework picks up, it will be hard to remember all of your due dates if you’re always checking each syllabus (READ: 5 Reasons to Hire an Orange County Private Tutor).

3. Make new friends

This one is easier said than done, and it’s completely normal if meeting new people makes you uncomfortable. Set a goal to introduce yourself to at least one person in each of your classes. Establishing a friendship early in the year will help down the road when you need a study buddy or just someone to talk to about the course.

4. Join a club

A great way to get involved and make new friends is by joining a club. From foreign languages to the arts, most schools offer a wide range of clubs anyone can join. If you struggle in a particular course, join a club where you can get help from students who enjoy that class.

There you have it, Orange County! The first week back to school can be fun, but it also sets the pace for the rest of your year. Make the most of it with these four tips.

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Four Back-to-School Apps for Students

Best Back-to-School Apps for Students


Let’s face it; students spend a lot of time on their phones. Since the invention of cell phones, teachers have been at war with phone use in the class – France just banned smartphones in public school. We won’t debate the pitfalls of smartphones in the classroom, but that shouldn’t take away from cellphones use outside of the class. Students make plans, socialize, and create content on their phones, so they are already savvy users. For this reason, we’ve made a list of four back to school apps for students (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

While social media apps take up most of their time, there are apps out there that can be beneficial for schoolwork. From math to time-management, apps are an excellent resource for students to utilize a technology that is too often detrimental to their studies.

1. My Study Life

This one is perfect for college students who are expected to manage a busy schedule of courses and classwork. Think of My Study Life as a virtual planner that offers a calendar for classwork as well as reminders of upcoming tests and projects. With many different courses, it’s easy to forget something important. With this app, you won’t need to worry about any unwanted surprises.

2. Quizlet

Have a big exam coming up that requires you to memorize a substantial amount of information? Save time making paper flashcards with this digital flashcard app. You can either search through millions of study sets on the app or create your own set. According to its site, “more than 95% of students who learn with Quizlet report improved grades.” We like the sound of that!

3. SimpleMind

Don’t misinterpret the name of this app, as it indeed isn’t for simple-minded students. SimpleMind offers a different form of studying for students who prefer mind mapping a course’s material. Check out this example of how to create a mind map of a book summary.

4. SelfControl

Sometimes it’s just best to get away from the distractions on your phone and laptop. In this case, it’s smart to block distracting websites instead of telling yourself you won’t check Instagram – trust us, you will. Simply type in the sites you want to be blocked and set a timer. For example, if you’re going to block Facebook for two hours while you finish your paper, SelfControl is your app.

We hope these four back-to-school apps make your transition back to student life a bit smoother. Don’t forget to book your San Diego back-to-school tutor today.

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Score a Free Orange County Tutoring Session With Our Referral Program

Your Free OC Tutoring Session is Only a Referral Away!

What’s better than a tutoring session with an experienced Orange County tutor? A free tutoring session with an experienced OC tutor. With our TutorNerds Referral Program, you can score a free tutoring session for yourself, and a friend, all you have to do is refer someone.

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As an active and dedicated part of the Orange County community, TutorNerds wants every student to succeed. Our referral program helps more students get that extra boost they need to get an A on their next exam or get into the college of their dreams.

Are you a visual learner? Here’s a comic explaining how our Referral Program works (spoiler alert: it’s easy).

With the school year only a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our TutorNerds Referral Program. Trust us; you don’t want to wait until you get your first report card to realize you need some academic help. Hit the ground running with a back-to-school tutor. All of our OC tutors work around your busy schedules. Further, we offer tutoring in everything from test prep to Latin, which means your referral doesn’t have to be for the same subject as you.

The only thing better than doing well in school is seeing your friends succeed along with you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn a free OC tutoring session. Refer a friend today!

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Book A Private Irvine Tutor

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Your First Report Card to Book Your Private Irvine Tutor

Summer break is in its final weeks, which means students should start thinking about school. The summer months are a great time to relax, have fun with friends, and make some extra money, but they’re also a time students get a little rusty. After the stress of finals, it’s not surprising students will want to take a break from learning, but it’s risky to wait until the school year to see if you’re prepared. Too many students wait until they get less than satisfactory first report cards before seeking help. At that point, you’ve already fallen behind and will have to work extra hard. Avoid this scenario by working with a private tutor before your first report card.

Below are a few reasons why you should book a private Irvine tutor early in the school year.

Tutoring Boosts Confidence

Every student has classes they enjoy more than others. For the most part, they like classes they succeed in because it makes them feel confident as a student. When a student struggles in a particular course, they lose confidence and start to fall further behind. Tutoring is an excellent remedy for this scenario. Once a student begins improving as a result of private tutoring sessions, they’ll start to enjoy the class rather than dread it.

School Can Get Overwhelming Fast

Back to school is an exciting time for students. They get to see all of their friends and find out who is in their classes. The first few days might be fun as students get to know their teachers and go over the course syllabus, but once classwork ramps up it all changes. After school activities begin, homework gets assigned, 8 hours of sleep is rare, and exams are suddenly right around the corner. It’s easy for students to get overwhelmed, primarily by the first big wave of school work. Thankfully, a back-to-school tutor can help you stay organized and on top of things. They have a lot of experience and have found academic success despite having a busy schedule (READ: Why You Need Tutoring This Summer).

It’s Harder to Catch Up The Farther Into the School Year

As we mentioned in the introduction, once you fall behind schoolwork will only get harder and harder. Since everyone in the classroom learns at different levels, and teachers have to stay on schedule, not every student will be able to keep up with the pace. Putting extra hours at home (our private Irvine tutors work around your schedule) will help you catch up and get ahead.

When it comes to booking a private Orange County tutor, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Four Tips to Write a Better College Entrance Essay

Fullerton College Admissions Consultant Tips: Four Tips to Write a Better College Entrance Essay

For many high school students, it’s time to start writing your college entrance essays. Most Universities require some form of an essay to apply. Some colleges offer a prompt while others ask why you want to attend their school. No matter what the task is, students should take their time and get to work on their essays as early as possible. To help you along the way, one of our experienced Fullerton college admissions consultants has shared four tips to write better entrance essays.

1. Write More Than One Draft

No matter how great of a writer you think you are, you won’t get it perfect in the first draft. For many, writing is a chore, so once you finish an essay the last thing you want to do is write it again. We understand, but keep in mind that what you write might not be as clear once you sleep on it and reread it in the morning. Luckily the second draft will won’t take as long, and you’ll be encouraged as you see progress with each new draft. It will all be worth it once you get into the college of your dreams!

2. Get Help from a Fullerton Tutor

Our private Fullerton college admissions consultants have a 97% success rate. In other words, they know what they are doing. Not only will they give you feedback on your essays, but they will provide you with tips and tricks for success before you even begin writing (READ: Four Ways to Come Up With a Great Thesis Statement).

3. Have More Than One Person Read Your Essay

You need more than a second opinion. Keep in mind that you’ve been working on this essay for weeks, so your brain might be a bit scrambled making sentences and words appear correct when they are in fact incorrect. Having three or four people read (please chose your peer reviewers wisely) will make sure you aren’t missing any glaring mistakes. Also, have them explain to you what you were trying to say. If what they tell you isn’t what you meant to write, find out which parts are ambiguous or incorrect and write another draft.

4. Write Clear and Concise Sentences

When writing, it is always important to have your audience in mind. In this case, you’ll be writing for highly educated entrance officials who have to read a lot of essays. Remember this: using big words and long sentences won’t make you look smart. Does that make sense? In other words, if you’re overusing the thesaurus and constructing wordy sentences, you’re going to come off as a bad writer, not an intellectual. For an essay such as this, write clearly and concisely. If a sentence isn’t as clear as possible, rewrite it so that it is. For example, which sentence reads more clearly?

I am adroit at the intricacies of higher education and fully plan on perpetuating the given tasks the university assigns me.


I look forward to taking on the challenges of higher education

If it’s not clear to you, it won’t be apparent to the reader. Keep it simple.

Starting your college entrance essays soon? Book a private Fullerton tutor today.

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5 Things to do This August to Prepare For School

Irvine Tutoring Tips: 5 Things to do This August to Prepare For School

I know many students will roll their eyes at the thought of this post, but school is just around the corner, and it’s better to prepare now than fall behind. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to enjoy your final weeks of vacation all while getting your brain in gear for the school year. Odds are you’ve been doing some form of school work, whether it be test prep for the summer ACT/SAT or taking a summer class. For those who haven’t even touched a book in weeks, that’s okay too! There’s plenty of time to get your brain back in shape.

As a private Irvine academic tutor, I know the importance of furthering your education over the summer. From applying to college to scoring high on important tests, students have a lot on their plates and can’t afford to take months off from learning. Luckily summer learning can be fun and focused on your interests – check out some of our past blog posts for ideas such as educational family trips and blogging.

Here are five things you can do this August to help you prepare for the first day of school.

1. Hire a Private Irvine Tutor

The best part about hiring a back-to-school Irvine tutor is that they work with your schedule. That way you can still fit in a few final summer activities without it interfering with your tutoring. Whether you are preparing for a specific class or just want to get the rust off in subjects such as math and science, our private Irvine academic tutors are here to help you succeed.

2. Make a Calendar

This one is particularly important for students starting college in the fall. With a higher level of education comes more responsibility. Don’t expect the University to hold your hand and make sure you are doing everything you need to before classes start. Check your school’s calendar and add any important due dates, meet and greets, etc. into your personal calendar. Keep in mind that some classes require you to read a book before classes start. There’s no shame in adding “start reading that book!” into your calendar.

3. For Parents: Review Standards For Upcoming Year

Most schools will allow you to see the learning standards for the upcoming year. These will include topics covered – especially helpful in science and social studies. For example, if your student is set to learn about California history in the upcoming grade, take them to CA Historical Museums over the summer. Not only will the give them a leg up, but help them put what they are learning into context.

4. Put Away Your Phone and Pick Up a Book

Let’s be honest, how many hours did you spend this summer staring at your phone? No judgment, just wanted to put that into perspective. Take a break from your phone and pick up a book. The good news is you can read something you want to read instead of an assigned book. Without even realizing it, you are improving your writing and reading skills while you enjoy a little book break (READ: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Love Reading).

5. Review How Last Year Went

Take a moment to review how your previous school year went. While it’s important to focus on your grades and test scores, think about why you scored the way you did. For instance, were you overwhelmed when you signed up for a Spanish club? Make a note of these things and plan your upcoming year accordingly. Learning from your mistakes and achievements can help make the year go much smoother.

It’s never too early to book your private Irvine tutor for the new school year. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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4 Family-Friendly Educational Activities in San Diego

Four Family-Friendly Educational Activities in San Diego

In our previous blog post, we shared a few of our favorite educational activities for families in Irvine. This week, we are sharing three fun activities in San Diego. With summer entering its final months, it’s essential to get your kid’s educational curiosity going again. One of the best ways to do that is to take a family trip to somewhere that’s fun, interactive, and educational. If a kid is having fun, they won’t even realize they are learning. In addition to these trips, we encourage you to book your private San Diego tutor to help your kids gear up for the school year.

Same with Irvine, San Diego has way too many fun and educational activities to list in one article, which is why we are only sharing four to get you started. By showing kids that learning can be fun and interactive, you’re helping develop an educational curiosity that can last a lifetime.

1. San Diego Natural History Museum

Located in Balboa Park in San Diego, the San Diego Natural History Museum seeks out to “interpret the natural world through research, education and exhibits.” From dinosaurs to the history of CA’s water systems, the museum offers a wide range of informative and interactive exhibits. I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

2. San Diego Botanic Gardens

It’s important for kids to connect with nature, especially in our world full of screens and distractions. By visiting the Botanic Gardens, kids will learn about plants, food sources, and the role the environment plays in their life (READ: Three Family-Friendly Educational Activities in Irvine).

3. New Children’s Museum

What’s better than a museum that uses art to help children learn creativity and critical thinking? According to its website, “The New Children’s Museum is a new model of children’s museum whose mission is to stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art.” Keep an eye out for closures due to seasonal events.

4. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Connect your kids to the power of science at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park, San Diego! The Center has over 100 interactive exhibits as well as an IMAX theater – perfect for a triple-digit summer day. Check out their summer camp options for a more immersive science experience (READ: San Diego Tutoring Tips: Ways to Improve Your Concentration).

Between taking family trips to educational destinations and the help of a private San Diego tutor, your kids won’t be rusty when it’s time to go back to school in the fall.

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Three Family-Friendly Educational Activities in Irvine

Irvine Tutoring Tips: Three Educational Family Day Trips in Irvine


TutorNerds has been serving the Irvine community for many years. In fact, a lot of our private Irvine tutors were born and raised here. We are proud of our community and all of the fantastic activities and experiences it offers. Thankfully, many of these are educational and perfect for a day trip in the summer.

Summer is an excellent time for families to have fun all while encouraging their kids to learn and be creative. Unlike being stuck in a classroom, educational activities in the summer allow children to interact and explore. Doing so will help them develop a healthy curiosity about the world. From museums to nature preserves, there are too many options to list in one blog post, which is why we decided on three to get you started. None of these activities are endorsements, just suggestions!

1. The Irvine Museum

Save this one for our next inevitable heatwave. Art museums are a great day trip that is indoors, air-conditioned, and educational. According to Google, The Irvine Museum is a “Museum of rotating exhibits dedicated to American Impressionist art depicting the CA landscape.” Check the museum’s website to see what special exhibits it is showing and plan your trip around that. Art can be a great ambassador to a whole world of knowledge. For example, a painting can pique the interest in a particular era, culture, or worldview. Encourage your kids to write down paintings they like and research them when they get home.

2. Pretend City

An interactive museum designed for children to learn how the real world works. Pretend City is a nonprofit with the goal of developing critical educational skills in children including critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. According to Pretend City, young children learn best when they play, which is why they developed a “city” where learning is fun. Exhibits include an art studio, bank, beach, and amphitheater.

3. Orange County Great Park Farm + Food Lab

This outdoor classroom, located in Cadence, Irvine, offers a unique outdoor experience for all ages – perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy. According to the official Farm + Food Lab website, the classroom includes, “themed raised-bed gardens, fruit trees, vertical gardening, a worm compost bin, and solar and wind-powered lights.” The best part is that you can learn all about gardening and take it home and start one of your own! How great is that? Farm + Food Lab is opened Tuesday-Sunday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Hopefully, this will get you started for a fun and education filled summer! Another great way to keep your kid’s education progressing over the summer is to book a private Irvine tutor. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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OC Tutoring Tips: Four Tips For a Better Study Session

Tips From a Private Orange County Tutor: How to Make the Most Out of Your Study Session

No matter how smart you are, odds are you’ll have to invest some of your time studying for your classes. Studying is a big part of being a student, and a key to success when it comes time to take exams. Studying is also essential for students preparing to take the ACT, SAT, or any other form of entrance exam.

Below are four tips to help you make the most out of your study sessions.

1. Mute All Distractions

Checking your Instagram every few minutes? Is the TV on in the other room and you can’t stop listening to it? Whatever the distraction may be, it’s best to put it on mute so you can concentrate. Remember that where you study matters. If you’re going to try and study in the living room while your siblings gossip and watch TV, you’re not going to retain what you are learning. A solution would be to study at the library, which is always a calm and quiet oasis for students.

What about that phone? There are apps that you can use to block websites such as Instagram and Facebook for a certain amount of time. Shutting these distractions off completely will make for a much more productive study session.

2. Make Sure You Are Organized

Once you finally get the willpower to sit down and study, the last thing you want is to get up and look for something. Before beginning your study session, make sure you have all of the right materials, books, notes, etc. that you will need. Keep the documents organized  so you’re not scrambling through a bunch of papers the whole time. A little organization can go a long way.

3. Take breaks

If you plan on studying for a few hours, it’s important to take breaks so you don’t overload the system. Leave your phone and computer inside and take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Just don’t take too many breaks (READ: 10 Reason Why You Need a Summer Tutor).

4. Use a private OC Tutor

As mentioned in the previous tips, studying can be overwhelming. Do you have enough time? Are you forgetting about something? Have you mastered a topic enough to move on to the next one? These are all questions that a private Orange County tutor can help you answer. By assessing your workload and how you performed on past tests, our tutors will make sure you are focusing on the right things while studying. Further, our private OC tutors are full of tips and insights when it comes to studying and test taking, which is why they’ve been so successful in their academic careers.

Our private OC tutors are here to help you with studying, test prep, and anything else you could need help with in your academic career. Call TutorNerds today for more information.

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