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B.S./M.D. Programs Application Consulting

BS/MD Accelerated Program Admissions Consulting


If you are aspire to attend medical school, an undergraduate Bachelor of Science and Medical Doctor (BS/MD) accelerated program may be right for you. These programs combine admission to college and medical school into one application cycle.  So if you are accepted as an undergraduate, you are also accepted to the associated medical school at the same time. You won’t need to apply to medical school later on, you are already guaranteed a spot.  But with the benefit of guaranteed medical school acceptance, there are unique responsibilities in applications and after acceptance.


Undergraduate students in these programs must consistently maintain a certain GPA or be relegated to regular undergraduate status. Later on, there tends to be a minimum MCAT score required for continuing to medical school. Additionally, since the program is accelerated (the total duration of the program is usually around 6 to 7 years), students have to take a greater number of classes per quarter/semester as well as summer classes. There’s less flexibility in choosing your major, and definitely fewer opportunities for elective-type classes. And while you are not prohibited from dropping out of the program, it is certainly frowned upon. Ultimately these programs are for highly competitive students who are confident that medical school is the right path for them. You can learn more in our article about BS/MD programs themselves.


The Application


With a unique college experience, there is a unique application. Application requirements vary between schools, but you can count on having a longer, more complex process. To put it simply, the BS/MD application is like a regular undergraduate application, with extra BS/MD application materials on top. Requirements for admission are generally higher. Programs typically require a minimum, but relatively high, GPA, SAT and ACT score, and class ranking, with specific science class experience. Keep in mind, these are a few examples the minimum requirements prior to the application. In reality, most successful applicants far exceed the minimum scores and GPA. And unique to the accelerated medical school application process, strong applicants usually have science experience beyond the classroom. For example, some students take part in research programs and college-level schooling concurrent with their high school education.


In addition to the components of a standard undergraduate application,  there are extra essays, forms, and even interviews required. And applications are often due even earlier than what is normal so that the school has the time to review all the documents. Follow up interviews for high-caliber applicants occur early the following year.

How TutorNerds Admissions Consulting can help you


Clearly it is not easy to gain admission into one of these programs. The pre-application requirements alone are more than most students can handle.  And, as if standard college applications weren’t confusing enough, with BS/MD programs, you’re basically applying to college and medical school at the same time. Luckily for you, TutorNerds has the right services for you at every step of the way. Our admissions experts have successfully helped students get into their ideal programs with minimal stress. The benefit of working with an admissions consultant lies in his/her experience. Our consultants have years of experience in the world of college and graduate school admissions, many being former admissions faculty at prestigious universities. Admissions professionals can help you draft strong essays, help you prepare for interviews, and even help you navigate application websites and portals. Do you know which schools and programs are right for you?  Are you a competitive applicant for them?  What do you need to do to present your strengths in the best possible way? All of these are addressed with TutorNerds Admissions Consulting.  Additionally, our academic tutors and test prep experts can certainly help you bring your pre-application performance up to a high caliber, if need be.


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