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These days, students are nearly expected to take on a schedule of classes, sports, and extracurriculars that overwhelm them. Indeed, an impressive resume is necessary for success in college and graduate school admissions and promotes a degree of intellectual development. But it is extremely common for students to sleep little and completely stress-out in the process of achieving academic success. Why do students seem to struggle so much with their academics? It’s probably not from a lack of trying.  With today’s crowded classrooms and demanding courses, it’s no wonder that students are feeling this way in epic proportions.

How often have you or your student felt like you spend the majority of your time trying to master the material on your own, outside of the classroom, and without help!? A lesser-known fact of education: It’s actually NOT a good thing for students to be stressed-out and frustrated.  So if the circumstances that cause this are unavoidable, even necessary, what is the solution?

Private Tutoring

Where private tutoring used to be an exception among students and parents, this unfavorable academic situation has made private help the norm in many cases. This is compounded by students who just want a leg up in competitive college admissions. Students are quite successful with the help of private tutoring. Well like anything else, with high demand comes varying quality.

In order to support your student best, it is vital that you partner him or her with an experienced tutor who not only knows the material extremely well, but also is an ideal match for your student’s personality. An optimal tutor will increase your student’s fundamental knowledge of the material and its application, time management, and study skills, while making the entire process as enjoyable as possible throughout.

Enter TutorNerds

We began TutorNerds precisely with the goal of providing a solution for students’ success. We wanted to revolutionize supplemental education by making expert guidance and personalized services a standard in our tutoring. Where other companies may only be “homework-helpers”, our specialty is provide truly comprehensive tutoring for each student. It’s not enough to help students understand homework that night—we want to develop better students, and we believe the only way to do so is to match our services to the student.

We aren’t another company only interested in collecting your monthly “tuition” payments. We empathize with students and parents alike, so we know precisely what services are ideal, and we have the experience necessary to provide academic solutions. Quite simply: We just want to help you increase your success.

Test Preparation and Admissions Consulting—Your Entire Education

Despite what our name suggests, we are more than a tutoring company. We see modern education as having 3 key components: General Academics, Standardized Testing, and Institutional (College, Graduate School, etc) Admissions. So we have services and provide mentorship in each of these areas through academic tutoring, test preparation, and admissions consulting.

While regular classes should constitute the bulk of students’ efforts, standardized testing and institutional admissions are extremely important as well. TutorNerds is one of the few companies that successfully integrates academic tutoring, test prep, and admissions consulting into our services. No small component of this is that our entire staff and faculty are highly knowledgeable and experienced. We don’t simply match you with a homework-helper, we partner you with an education professional.

What Sets Us Apart

As far as we’re concerned, personalization and expertise are the foundations of our company. TutorNerds provides premium educational assistance in a location and at a time of your preference. We either work with you in-home, or at a convenient location (coffee shop, library, etc). Rather than forcing you to accommodate our schedule, we work with you to find an ideal time to have sessions, even if later in the evening. Our tutors are experienced educators with successful careers in their fields of study. We are 100% committed to providing the highest quality service, personalized to your needs. We’re obsessed with providing literally the most helpful, most effective, most satisfying tutoring experience.  With TutorNerds, students and parents can be confident in an increase in results and success.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that our services will be enjoyable from the first session.  We take individualized care to match students with the right tutor from the start.  If our services are not pleasant and convenient, constructive and productive, you won’t have to pay—we are that confident in the quality of our tutoring and consulting.

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